Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dallin H. Oaks trips (Rhys)

So, sorry to the Apostle Dallin H. Oaks for making the subject to my email the part of his training that he may not have wanted me to remember, but hey, Dallin H. Oaks if you´re reading this (which would be SO awesome!) you´re a champ.

Easily the highlight of this week was getting to listen to the Apostle Dallin H. Oaks. Twice. and it makes it even better that we didn´t listen to him alone. Our investigator Gustavo, who´s going to be baptized this coming Saturday (await the pics), was also there and took notes during the conference.

Dallin H. Oaks round 1:
       This was a mission conference JUST for missinaries, so all of us missionaries here in Formosa piled on a bus and left at 11 in the morning to Resistencia. We got there at about 1-1:30 and prepared to listen to an apostle by saying hi to all the lovely misionaries that I love (except for the Hermanas, that would be wierd, eww, girls) including ELders Correa, BUrke, Smith, Cannon, Smithson, Ware, CLemons, Thomas, Buhler, Rojas and more before we all piled in (in an orderly fashion) to the sacrament room to await the apostle. When he came in we all got to shake his hand. one the way up to the stand he tripped pretty bad and his wife caught him (he didn´t actually fall, but it was close). No one said a thing. Then, he went up to the microphone and said that he had been married to his wife for 15 years and so she had been catching him when he trips. .  for 15 years. jajaja, it was really funny the way he said it. In General Conference, he always seems so serious, but he was actually really funny! He spoke to all of us misionaries in english and he had a translator that. . .translated for him. I took a LOT of notes, but I´m actually not going to share any of them for lack of time and because it´s all very very secret missionary stuff. After the conference, we all got a snack from the office missionaries and went home to FOrmosa.

Dallin H. Oaks round 2:
       This was a conference for the Formosa stake and we got there super early to get a spot and practice with the choir (yup, all the misionaries were part of the choir). Both conferences were awesome and I took a lot of notes. He didn´t trip this time.

        WHat I really loved about BOTH of the conferences with Dallin H. Oaks was that he really just straight up followed the spirit to know what to say. He seems to have had certain messages that he wanted to get across, a few things that he already knew he would share, but while the other people spoke before him ( president and hermana Franco, his wife) he was constantly taking notes on a little yellow notepad which he brought up with him to give his talk. on top of that, he aometimes would say durin his talk "I feel the need to share. ." tal cosa or, "It occurs to me that I must share this" and it was clear that he was entirely dependant on the spirit. It was really amazing and it made me think of the way that we as missionaries should teach out investigators.

Something that Elder Oaks mentioned in his talk on Sunday, was that before being called as an apostle, he lived across the street from his bishop, who just so happened to be the CANDY BOMBER from meet the mormons!!
This brought my companion to tell me later yesterday that he is actualy related to the Candy bomber! He´s ELder Tracy´s Cousin´s grandpa and Elder Tracy actually met him at his cousin´s farewell talk.

All these people being closely related to famous people, I guess that means that I just have to be famous and let my family know what it feels like.

We have trandfers next week, so I may or may not be emailing on monday. be prepared.

ELder Enright

Classic window selfie shot from the window in Tucuman with ELder BUckles and Ware. It was a nice hotel.

 On the way to listen to Dallin H Oaks. SOmeone had Glasses that looked a lot like Kegans. WHat d ├Żall think, so we really still look much alike?

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