Thursday, April 23, 2015

Estero Viejo (Kegan)

Wow!!, I can´t believe Liam is a Deacon now.  Felicidades, and Happy Birthday!!

There are two Elderes and one Hermana in my district with birthdays this month, (and one who already had it the 31 of march)  So we are going to be doing a lot of celebrations anyways, I´ll be sure that they know we´ll be celebrating your birthday as well Liam.

This week Elder Vera and I have been working hard here in Estero Viejo, I know how much you all love hearing about miracle stories from the mission but you´ll have to forgive me because my mind always runs a blank when itçs time to email.

I can tell you guys a funny story that thankfully came right into my mind (literaly seconds ago).

Elder Vera and I had recently finished our Weekley Planning and had decided to meet with our Ward mission leader to plan an activity.  We walked up to his door in the apartment complex (the stairs are outside in a courtyard type hallway between two apartment buildings) we had just knocked on the door when we heard a little boy ask " quien es?", supposing that it was his nephew and deciding to play a joke we said, "Somos los Testigos de Jehovah", we heard slight whispering from the little boy to someone else and his repeated question,  we responded with the same "Somos los Testigos de Jehovah" (we´re the Jehovahs witnesses") and the door began to open.  Elder Vera finished the joke with a loud "Hola!" in the face of a woman that definitely was not our Ward mission leader and was very surprised.  We´d knocked the wrong door.  We apologeticlly ASKED IF SHE KNEW fERNANDO AND WE WERE DIRECTED TO THE next BUILDING  (oops, caps lock)  She wasn't too bothered, only slightly confused.  We all later laughed again as we told Fernando the story.

I hope that was sufficient this week,  we have been teaching a woman who is very nice who has alzhiemer´s (?) named Gloria, we hope she will come to church next week because she couldn´t yesterday.

I´m glad Mom and dad enjoyed their viaje and that they returned safe, I had been praying all week and I think that made me nervous.

Love Elder Enright

Pictures next week, this computer wouldn´t work.

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