Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No email last week (explained), and more (of course) (Kegan)

I´ll get right to the explanation.

Last week a lot of missionaries had trouble getting into their page because myldsmail.net seems to have changed it´s conditions of use or something.  In all reality I don´t know.  However it happened, it now asked for our email address and our password and I could never get in.  The mission´s Registrator ( a missionary in the office who takes care of the mission´s supplies and programs and President´s power points)  was very busy fixing them up and couldn´t get to mine. So that´s the story of why you guys didn´t hear from me last week.

Due to the delay, I now have two whole weeks worth of details to recount to you.  Starting with Changes.

Last Wednesday I was taken out of Illapel and brought down here to Estero Viejo ( which means in English Old Ditch or Stream).  Estero Viejo is in the Belloto zone near Viña, but not too near. 

In addition to my new Sector I am training once again, an experience I was all too glad to welcome again. I was of course pre-warned by President that I would be doing so, he also told me I would be opening this sector because there had not been Elderes here for around 2 weeks due to emergency changes.  As if that wasn´t stressful enough he made it sound as if I would be in charge of training someone very difficult.  However, I have been assigned to train Elder Vera from Paraguay who is a very excited and prepared Elder.  To put it simply, it has been a blast being his trainer.  We have a great Bishop and a great ward.

General Conference was the Best way to finish off this past week.  Elder Wilfford W Anderson´s talk on the difference between the " Dance Steps" of the Gospel and the "Music" of the Gospel, Henry B.Eyring's admonishment to use the Power of prayer, and Jeffery R Holland´s emotional and gutrenching metaphor for the Savior's Atonement left me very Humbled and ready to work.  I will be Honest with you and say that the Spirit cut me to the bone during the Conference, tellling me I had to prayer more fervently and more often and that I had to be Obediente because I LOoe Christ, not because it is a Habit.

I would love to share more, but I have short time 

Until Next week

Love Elder ENright

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