Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tucuman,Argentina (Rhys)

Okay, so last week wasn´t hugely interesting. Hugely great, yes,but I´m having a hard time thinking of anything that was a little out of the norm:

Teaching and talking to people.

Teaching Gustavo is still awesome.

Random  rainstorms and lots of mud.

Gustavo comes to church again.

Pretty normal stuff. What makes a WAY better subject for this email is the reason why I´m writing this on WEDNESDAY and not when I normally should have written it on MONDAY. The reason why is called Tucuman, Argentina.

(spoiler alert.I forgot my camera AND the adapter, so we´re all out of luck as far as fotos go this time)

Last week, on thursday, I had to go with a large handful of other missionaries to Resistencia to do tramites. Translation of Tramites (that´s tra-meet-tehs btw, not tram-aits): boring paperwork stuff that takes time but has to do with finally making me legal in Argentina. After getting all of that done we were informed that we had to be in Resistencia AGAIN sunday afternoon. So, after church on sunday me and my comp met up with the other three Elders in our zone that had to go (along with one of their companions who was going to be with ELder Tracy) at the stake center where we were told we would be taking a small bus all together along with the other missionaries from other zones to Resistencia. Well,we were told wrong and had to take a remis as fast as we could to catch the colectivo before it exited Formosa, stopping it just as it was leaving and then ... well, we got on.

After getting to Resistencia, it was confirmed to us (as we had suspected due to various rumors) that we would be heading to Tucuman Argentina. After a long wait for the bus to arrive, all 26 of us missionaries boarded, along with Hermana Franco, the Mission President´s wife. As we commenced our 11 hour bus ride, the over head TV´s turned on and started showing an eddy murphy movie called a Thousand words. Nothing impressive, people. Later, when the first movie finished and the second commenced, due to the R rated status of the SWAT themed and bikini filled movie, we asked the bus driver if he could shut it off. To that question he replied that he couldn´t because there were other passengers watching the movie, but he did change it to Transformers 4. The eddie murhpy movie was better.

After a night of trying to get to sleep in bus chairs, we finally arrived at Tucuman the next morning at about 8:30, took remises to a SUPER nice hotel (for Argentina, fairly common by states standards) and got our rooms, had a quick breakfast and headed out to do tramites stuff. We waited in line. A lot. but that time gave me a chance to talk to some friends and past companions including Elder Smith and Ware. After all the waiting was done, we went back to the Hotel, where it was decided that we were going to eat at McDonald´s (way more common in Tucuman than in any part of our mission) and there we went. Then we went sight seeing at the house where the Argentine declaration of independence was signed (they copied us) and then we took a ciesta  at the hotel before leaving to eat dinner and ice cream.

The next day was very similar,but with more waiting, no ciestas, and Burger King instead of McDonald´s (Burger King doesn´t even exist in our mission) and getting to meet a REALLY tall basket ball player from philadelphia (I don´t remember how to spell it) named Chaz who was also getting legal. We left that night on another bus and got to see taken 2 on the bus (nothing impressive,again) along witha terrible adam sandler film called Blended. I should mention that of all the movies,the only one that we could actually hear, was taken 2.

Now, I´m back in Formosa from the most vacation-like experience I´ve had in two years and we´re going to visit Gustavo tonight. 

Elder ENright

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