Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amoxicillin, Queso Pata, Dunkins. (Kegan)

Something I forgot to mention last week was the fact that I had caught some sort of virus about two weeks before (or the week before, but I forget). It was just a head cold but turned into an asthmatic problem.  That was the first indications that began to make me panic, it got worse when the Nurse simply said in her nice voice, " well the asthmatic symptoms are there because the infection has now gone from your head to your lungs and your Bronchial Dilator (? I think that´s what is was) is pretty much closed, that´s why it makes that whistling sound when you breath...That´s bad."   She suggested Amoxicillin for a week straight, Morning, Afternoon, and Night, And bam it worked (it would have been better to talk about this last week when I was in the middle of everything, but that´s a short Story even shorter for you.

To continue extrapolating from the title, bet you´re all wondering what Queso Pata means, because it means Feet Cheese, but beyond that you probably still wondering what the heck Feet Cheese is.  A less active gave us some this week when we passed by to visit,  It is basically the feet and leg of a cow all chopped up (mostly the nerves and fat of the leg that is) all cooked together with carrot, pepper, potato, and the greasy fat juice (?) from the meat.  Once cooked it is frozen or cooled and it comes out much like those Jell-o Caseroles with fruit inside.

My companion and I ate Dunkin donuts with our District Leader and his Comp today to make up for it, eso.

Thanks for everything and especially the updates

Amik, congratulations on the mission call.  CALI!!!!

Elder Enright

Bellotto zone

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