Monday, May 18, 2015

Crossing el Riacho and Other Stories (Rhys)

So, actually quite a few things happend this week.

The Sandlot incident

Crossing el Riacho

The Urbinas' Baptism at which Gustavo gave a killer talk on baptism

The Cordoba Temple dedication

And eating at la Ribera.

So I had better get started.
First off, the Sandlot incident. A few nights ago, Elder Tracy and I did divisions with the zone leaders so that I could do the baptismal interviews of the Zone leaders investigators that were going to be baptized. The interviews went great btw. Upon getting back to the pensh at night, we all kind of hung out talking about all the cool things that had happened that day and I was kind of thinking "jeez, what is Elder Tracy waiting for? Why don´t we open the door?" of our pensh. A few seconds after I wondered why we were waiting so long to get into our pensh ELder Tracy looks at me and asks, "are we going to open the door?" or something like that. That´s when we realize that we each had thought that the other had taken the keys and that they were, in actuality, in the pensh. In order to find out where the keys were, we hopped the wall between our back patio-thing and the Zone Leaders back patio-thing and we looked through the window to see the keys sitting on our desk. Now here are a few things that you should know before I explain the rest. 
1. Our back patio areas are very small.
2. Behind both of our patio areas is the backyard of some family that has a big scooby-doo-like dog.
3. The Back window has bars on the inside (actually, all windows here do) and the glass on the outside can be pulled out but can only come out at about a 45 degree angle.
Now, back to the story.
We began to tape long poles (from brooms and curtains and whatnot) together with a wire coat hanger on the end that we can stick into the window to snatch the keys from the desk. Elder Tracy commented that "this is just like the Sandlot!" While taping all the poles together We had to get the pole to go over the wall a bit in order to work it into the window because the pole had to be way longer than we have room for in the back patio. But we were careful to look out for the dog because we didn´t want it to be EXACTLY like the Sandlot. We had to try and take it back out a few times to adjust it and make it longer to reach the Keys and just as we got it worked into the window and through the bars and we were about to get the keys, something grabbed the pole and started yanking it from ELder Tracy´s hands. We both looked at eachother in terror and I´m sure that Tracy thought the same thing that I thought "this is TOO much like the Sandlot!!" But then, some one starts yelling too. Well it was our neighbor, he succeeded in tugging the pole out of Tracy´s hands and snapping it and throwing it at us over the wall all while yelling really bad stuff at us. He thought, as we later discovered, that we were trying to annoy and mess with his dog with the big stick and had snuck up without us noticing and grabbed it from us all while yelling really perverse things, like I said. I feel like if we had been in the states he would have asked us what we thought to be doing first off.

Yeah that was interesting. After admitting defeat on the pole idea, One of our other neighbors showed us a disturbingly easy way to break into the arpartment door here.

Story number 2, crossing the riacho. Basically the riacho is a small river that runs across all of our area. A few days ago, in the morning, we were trying to get to a cita on time but found out that the road that we were taking was blocked by the Riacho that had wrecked the bridge a few months ago due to flooding. Not wanting to go around and be late for the cita, we took off our shoes and socks and rolled up our pants to cross. That was a short story.

Number 3, The Urbinas' baptism. The Urbina family is the family that the zone leaders have been teaching for a bit. They had a great  baptismal service this last Saturday at which Gustavo gave the talk on baptism. There was also lots of cake at the end. The part that I liked best was Gustavo´s talk, he nailed it. He basically talked very clearly on the actual purpose of baptism (reading from his favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon, 2 Nefi 31 AND even reading his favorite verse from said chapter, verse 20) and ended the whole talke by reading 2 Nefi 31: 14 and just saying, "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen" which, duh, we say at the end of EVERY talk and every lesson, but it sounded great hearing it from Gustavo and he didn´t even add any words after reading verse 14, just dropped cane and boom, he was done.

Story D, Temple dedication. Not a lot to be said about this one, we went to the dedication and it was awesome getting to hear ELder Christofferson speak in Spanish (it was broadcasted to all the stake centers in Argentina) and it was funny listening to Dieter F. Uchtdorf refer to Todd just as "Todd". Pretty cool, but I´m not sure what else to say.

Story V, Eating at la Ribera. So a few weeks ago, one of our zone leaders had the idea of going out to eat at a nice resaurant for P-day, and we planned it for today. In preparation for this event, I ate sparingly during the week and the Zone Leaders talked to one of the Bishops from the stake (the one from South Africa that served his mission in Chicago, used to play rugby, and speaks like five languages) which was the nicest restaurant in all of Formosa. So he investigated for us. The Ribera came up as the nicest, so that´s where we went today. Easily the best meal I´ve eaten so far in Argentina. We ate Alligator, which honestly doesn´t actually have a super distinct taste, but it´s good. It was REALLY good. We followed up lunch with some Grido Ice-Cream.

SO, that´s all for now, my pic is of me crossing the Riacho, even though it´s not too deep at that part, it got pretty deep later on and we crossed walking over the old piece of bridge railing that reached the other side.

Elder Enright

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