Monday, May 18, 2015

Elder Frambuesa y Yo ! (Kegan)

(Elder Frambuesa just happens to be what everyone calls my companion whose name really is Elder Sanhueza, the pronounciation is similar but Frambuesa is Raspberry in Spanish)

I´m unsure how to properly express my jealousy to those of my Family (okay, all of you minus Rhys and I) who were able to see Jeffery R. Holland speak in the Stake Center (or via satellite).  Thanks to Aislin for her very detailed recounting (does that work?) of the experience.  The fact that he yelled at you guys to grow up made me laugh a lot.  It´s something we all really have to do (and some people in particular, that´s not directed at anyone, just a comment, I´ve seen a lot of grown men act like children here in the Mission)

On that same Subject something about Chile that I´ve realized I haven´t told you guys (okay it´s not just Chile, un hno told me yesterday that it is all of Latin America).  Children here rarely "grow up" in terms of moving out of their parents house.  It´s very normal here to find an elderly couple living with several children all above tha age of 20, sometimes thirty or forty, and occasionaly also their wives and/or husbands and children.  We got to know a less active family yesterday who is in that same situation (minus the wives and children, very few people are getting married young nowadays) and we were talking for a short amount of time about just that and it reminded me that I hadn´t yet said anyting about it. 

Something maybe completely different (not really, but it is diferent)  We´ve found several families in that same situation this week.  The more normal situation of the two happens to be Alvaro and his daughters who all live together with the son of Alvaro´s oldest daughter (her name is Constanza, her son´s name is Facundo)  They are old investigators that we began teaching again.  Alvaro has a lot of questions about us and the Book of Mormón.  One of those questions came out of nowhere when we were reading a bit of the Intro with him. He asked "...And what does the Book of Mormón have to say about homosexuality, because I frankly don´t approve of that" 

We also found a young man named Arturo, His situation is slightly different.  He lives with his ex-girlfriend and their son along with his ex-mother-in-law and her other two daughters, their respective boyfreinds and their kids, oh yeah, and the ex-mother-in-law´s yoiungest son.  

That is all I have time for.  I honestly want to tell you guys that although the end of my mission is getting closer I do not feel that way.  I sincerely feel as if i am recently begining.  

Amik, happy Birthday once again and Felicidades (happinesses) on graduating. 

Love Elder Enright

The cute hummingbird that got caught in our balcony during studies one morning

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