Tuesday, May 5, 2015

End of a change (Kegan)

My baby, Elder Vera, has already got one whole change!!  Time goes by so dang fast.

This week went by faster than any other, we had a lot of work to do (some of the members here and 1  recent convert have gone inactive).  The work was made lighter by my companion´s renewed energy and excitement to work ( Every new missionary has some time at the beginning when the shock of it all changes some things, it seems Elder Vera is past that). Además, in Paraguay they blend Avocado up with milk  and suger to make avocado juice, it´s super good and we´ve been making it all week.

We´ve been teaching a man named Leonardo ( yes man and not ninja turtle, this time at least) I can´t remmeber if I´ve mentioned him before, in case I haven´t yet I´ll introduce him a little.  Leonardo went blind 5 years ago and has been very depressed by this life impacting change since, he lives with his wife and younger sister, Ana Maria.  Ana Maria is a member, she was baptized in October and in Santiago before moving up here.  Leonardo is very intelligent therefore he has a lot of questions when we teach him and of course being blind he has dificulties finding his own answers, although Hna Ana Maria reads to him daily.

This Saturday we taught him about the Day of Rest and the lesson went pretty well.  However as we moved from that particular commandment and began to teach as well on Obedience in General and the way Faith works miracles the Spirit became very strong.  We ended by giving Leonardo a Blessing of Strength (?, Bendición de Fortaleza) during which the spirit rose to an indescribable amount, so much that it impressivley demanded reverence.  

Many times in my mission I have felt this way, however ( I do not know if it is the same with others) I have many times thought to myself. " Is that REALLY the Spirit, or have various moments and their results collected to make me feel this way, or could it be something I imagine to myself?"  These thoughts are imminent upon feeling the spirit and it hadn´t occured to me before that I am not the only one who thinks them.  Moses, in the book of Moses (in the P.o.G.P), speaks with God and God shows him many, many things.  As the vision closes Lucifer imediatly arrives to tempt Moses and tries to make him depreciate his "status" as a Son of God.  Moses too was attacked by the adversary who tried to convince him of anything other than the truth and the reality of God´s miracles and works.  I hadn´t made the connection before, but it ocurred to me that Satan tries the same thing with us today.  Attempting to make us depreciate the Spirit and reason ourselves out of our testimonies.

As those thoughts entered my mind after having Blessed Leonardo, I was worried that the same thoughts could be entering his mind (I also questioned whether or not he had actually felt that same spirit).  So we asked him how he felt and his response was a testimony to me that the Spirit WAS there and that I was not convincing myself.  We then Identified that spirit for Leonardo, so that he could not be tricked into thinking otherwise either.
It was the stongest moment in which Elder Vera and I have felt the Spirit together.

I sincerely never want to leave the mission (that doesn´t mean I don´t ever want to see you guys again). I am having the time of my life.

Love Elder Kegan Enright

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