Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gustavo Baptizes Himself (Rhys)

In Spanish, to say that someone "gets baptized" you actually say that "Fulano se bautiza" which means "Fulano (a spanish word meaning whatshisname) baptizes himself. Just a fun fact I thought that I ought to include.
There are lots of things that I could include in this letter, things that happened this week. Lots of things that mostly had to do with preparing Gustavo for his baptism and a few that had nothing to do with that - like walking by the little girl that almost got creamed by a truck a few weeks ago, realizing that it was her, pointing it out to my comp, and both feeling a lot more comfortable seeing that she was sitting in her mom´s lap and not in the street.

        But, I´m going to skip all of that just to describe the baptism crisis that we had Saturday, just a few hours before the baptism. But it´s going to require that I fill yall in  on a few details first.

       So, during the whole week leading up to the baptism and the week before, me and my comp had been giving out assignments to the members for the baptism all in anticipation of turning the handwritten version of las minutas to our ward mission leader (WARD, WARD mission leader, that´s still cool for me) for him to make the official little print out version. Not a necesity, but a nice little touch. We turned it in the Wednesday before the baptism during our coordination meeting.

       Also during the weeks prior to the baptism, we had talked thoroughly with the Bishop about la pila bautismal and he advised us that it would take 4 hours to fill up and he didn´t have the key, the Zone leaders (who live next door) DO have the keys. So, rather than getting them early on like I should have done, I just stayed tranquilo thinking that in any minute that we need said keys, we could get them.

       Elder Tapia from Costa Rica (an Elder from another far away part of Formosa) got sick and had to come here to get exams done in the hospital. He and his companion had a baptism as well this week and he just happened to be in Elder Johnson´s (our Zone leader) old area. So Elder Tapia came to be with Elder Conway for a few days while Elder Johnson went off to his old area to be with his old comp (who just so happens to be Elder White from Reconquista) until Elder Tapia gets better.

        I think that that´s everything. Here we go

       So Saturday morning Elder Tracy and I work normally, planning on dedicating la tarde to all the last minute things we have to do for the baptism. We got back for lunch in la tarde and got a text from our ward mission leader that he was too sick to come to the baptism. Okay, well, the part of that that really stunk was that he hadn´t made las minutas ni nada, so I got the information from him by phone just to be sure I don´t make any mistakes because now it´s up to us to make las minutas. Just as we finish lunch and are wanting to head over to fill up the baptismal font, we discover that the other Elders aren´t next door. We had assumed that they were being super quiet no mas. Nope, they were gone, the font keys with them. So we call and find out that they´re in centro, far away from the chapel, looking for another clinic to take Elder Tapia so that he can go back no later than Lunes. Well, we need to get in the chapel AND fill up the font. So we get a key to the chapel from Bishop so that we can get in the chapel, but we still need the font key, but we can´t get an exact location from Tapia and Conway because they are going from one place to another. After several phone calls, we find out where the next place they´re headed to is and take a Remis there. Btw, at this time it was about 3:00-3:30 and the baptism was going to start at 6:00.

       So we get the key from Conway and Tapia and rush back to the chapel (btw, in the remis on the way back a song came on the radio by Bruno Mars called Uptown Rythym. Probably the first Bruno Mars song that I actually liked, It got me pumped!) and we run to the font to get it opened. As I open the door I can tell that the font is already full. "Hallelujah" I thought. until I opened the door all the way and saw how filthy the water was. SUPER green with algae and dirt covering the bottom, don´t ask me how that happened. So now we have to figure out how to drain AND clean AND fill up the font in 2 hours, and did I mention that I only got the double front font doors open? The one that your supposed to enter and exit by wouldn´t open. So I climbed in over the little glass wall that stops little observing children from falling in and SKILLFULLY worked my way around to open the other font door from the inside. Then we have to figure out how to empty the font.  No matter what we do it doesn´t empty. I call our Ward Mission Leader and he says "Esper├íme, ya voy" and he shows up in about 5 minutes, a miracle in and of itself because he really was pretty darn sick and he shows us where the motor is and we fix that up (we had to wet it a bit so it would suck the water out). So the water is draining and we express to him our worry about whether or not it´ll be full in time BECAUSE IT TAKES FOUR FETCHING HOURS!!

       Well, he let us know "no no no, Ekder, lleva una hora, quizas una hora y media para llenarlo." and he left. Well, now that we knew it wasn´t going to take 4 hours to fill (something that I feel ashamed for believing in the first place) we easily cleaned it out and filled it back up just before 6 and just before the baptism started, which went great btw. I wish we had asked another professional opinion on font-filling-time, but then again, maybe it´s good that we thought it was going to take 4 hours or we wouldn´t have had time to do any of what we did.

       The next day, Sunday, due to rain, there was a considerably low number of people in church, but Gustavo was one of those people and was confirmed a member of the church.

Yeah, that´s my story for this week.

Elder Enright

P.S. Transfers happened Sunday night and yesterday (calls on Sunday, the transfers really took place Monday) and it looks like I´m staying with my baby to the end.

P.P.S My baby is ELder Tracy.

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