Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Liahona (Kegan)

My new ward is called Liahona, as in the Liahona that guided Nefi and his familiy in the Book of Mormon.

The day before changes Elder Vera y yo recieved a call from the asistants to the president and they told us that I would be training again.  So we knew we would be changed, however we had thought that he would be going.  

In the changes meeting, when my name was called I stood up and President put a look of a little bit of regret on his face and said, " Oh, you`re not going too far Elder, we should have called you before. " and then gave me the change.  He said I would be finishing the training of Elder Sanhueza.  Elder Sanhueza yelled, "what?, but I´ve finished my training already", to which President responded, "really?, well we can always learn new things Elder"

Elder Sanhueza, he is from Chile, ConcepciĆ³n and is a very interesting companion. We are working to talk with more people and I am certain that he is going to learn a lot on his mission that is going to change him.  He is very lovable and so we are going to baptize here soon, I´m certain.  Our first week (ish, it hasn`t been an entire week) has been very fun, we have gotten to know the leaders and they are all very focused, especially the stake President. He reminds me of Brother Christensen.

As a perk to the sector the Bishop´s wife is an amazing baker, she would love to trade recipes with my mother and sisters.  I have never met anyone here in Chile who can make desserts so close to the desserts you guys make and we just happen to have a Noche de Hogar with them and some future investigators tonight. Smiley face.

Love Elder Enright

Ciao Elder Vera (I understand what you mean Rhys, we became brothers)

Elder Sanhueza 1st night

Elder Barton, interchanges.  Now he`s my district leader 

Finally one of my favorite flowers here, the "Bird of Paradise."

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