Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LOCRO! (Rhys)

 For those of you that have yet to enterarse de la noticia, my little brother just got his mission call this last week!!! I figured out just a few minutes ago via email. He´s heading to the California Redlands mission and he´ll be heading out August 19th to the MTC. Amik (my brother, for those of you that up to this point didn´t know his name, there ya go), if you´re reading this, be careful in Cali. I was in the states on the mission for only 3 months and I got ffffaaaaat. Cuidese, chamigo.

       As for me, this past week was filled with ups and downs. . . and Locro, which we´ll get to in a bit. Basically, as far as progressing investigators go, we´re having a tough time. We keep finding people like crazy that have a really good first charla. . . and then they either don´t show for the second lesson, or they hide. Yup, though the one that actually hid was one I didn´t visit again, i had to do a baptismal interview in a colony and my comp and one of the zone leaders actually went to go find her and she hid from them. bummer.

       The good news as far as investigators go, is that one of the investigators that we´ve been working with for a while now (antiguo investigador that we got back in contact with) came to church this sunday. Along with no less than 7 menos activos that we had invited. so that was cool.

       For those of you wondering what Locro is, I´ll explain. Locro is a traditional food of Argentina that is eaten specifically every 25 de mayo (the day that the Argentine declaration of independence was signed in la casa de tucuman, a place I actually visited while in Tucuman) and is a wierd, oily, green, brothy stew with white corn, other vegetables, and every part of a cow that you would not normally eat thrown inside. Though I had the opportunity several times before, I never had actually tried until this last week.

       It´s gross.

       I don´t think that I have to explain it any other way. Not vomit gross, just more of a why-would-you-eat-that-when-you-could-just-celebrate-by-eating-a-delicious-asado(?) kind of gross. The actual broth was not that bad, the corn was agradable, but it was really the cow stomach and part-with-spiky-things-on-it- that I didn´t enjoy too much. I have a video of me eating it to show when I get back, so yay.


Elder Enright
    Here´s a photo of the missionaries at the locro activity!! Yeah, that´s my forehead behind the hermana´s head.

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