Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The picture has nothing to do with the subject (Rhys)

So, ELder Tracy and I are kind of in the slump where a missionary finds him or herself  after baptizing the only really progressing investigator that is being taught. We still visit Gustavo and we´ve already begun to re-teach the lessons and he´s going to be recieving the priesthood soon, but as missionaries, we have this constant hunger for baptisms and we´re looking for more people who are ready to be baptized. We are finding people constantly and we´ve even taught a lot and left folletos with a lot, but we slowly see who keeps their commitments and who doesn´t and so far. . . . . lot´s of people haven´t kept their commitments.

      The good news is that Hermana Fatima Avila, the ex-missionary that has been coming back to church, came to stake conference and thus, officially became reactivated. another good piece of news from this week, we visited her with the help of the first counselor in the bichopric and another menos activo that we´re teaching to invite her to a noche de hogar (for tonight) and she gave us cake.

      So yeah, cake.

      Sunday, we talked to our families on Skype and it wsa easily the BEST skype conference I´ve had so far in the mission with 0 dificulties and actually getting on almost on time. 
      Due to the fact that I already talked to my family yesterday and the fact that not a lot seems to have happened this past week, I donñt have a lot to talk about.

      Here´s a pic of the Formosa Cross at night.

Elder Enright

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