Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I have no Idea what to say, I do realize that this may be the last time I send an email home (or to Japan) from Chile, but I also don´t want things to seem final.  

For those of you asking back home, I am certain that I will not be sending another email.  My next p-day will be spent visiting converts and eating dinner with the president before going tuesday to the temple and afterwards the airport.  

Something I forgot to mention (  I think I had forgotten)  my pocket badge broke several weeks ago and I asked that next P-day for another badge.  It is just now ready this week and so today I will go to pick it up and to have it for one week before taking it home, my other badge was really worn and I kind of thought deserved to finish with me just as it had begun with me (of course i still have it I just won´t be wearing it ya).  

Two years have gone by Very fast, but there simply is no other place I would rather be, no other thing I would rather do than be here in Chile serving as a Missionary, representing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

I am very poor as far as writing skill goes (sorry about that) as I am certain two years worth of email testifies, but that is  the best way I can think of to say it.

I am also very short on time.  I am as excited to see you as I am resistant to think of the End of my mission, I hate endings, I really do, but I am certain just as Rhys said, that these two years have prepared me to do the same thing on a member missionary level for the rest of my life. 

What Christ´s Apostles and Prophets today have said is true, Every young man MUST prepare to serve an honorable full-time mission, In all honesty I think everyone should. 

Elder Enright

Last P-Day (Rhys)

I was thinking all this morning of what I´m going to say in my email to you guys (all yall) and what I´m going to share as part of my last email that I´ll be sending out from the mission field. The reason that it´s honestly tough to think of what to say is because though the normal excitement that transfers always brings is in the air, I can´t believe for a single second that by this time next week, I´ll be heading home.

       My mission has meant a lot to me. Though my actual idea of what a mission is and should be changed through the course of my mission, the mission has been changing and shaping me from start to finish. I can´t tell you exactly what I expected from a mission because I´m unsure of what I was expecting, but can tell you what it means to me now.

       In one of my areas that I treasure most, Fontana, I can marka turning point in my mission. Fontana is also the area that I stayed in for the longest period of time. A whopping 9 months of my mission was spent in that lovely little pueblo. Due to the amount of time spent there, more than in any other area before or after, I can say that I felt like I had already talked to every person, knocked on every door, and tried to reactivate every menos activo family we could fuind. With out a lot of results, I began to question whether I realy was doing all that I could, if I really was spending my time wisely, and if I really was supposed to be there. On top of that, if I really was doing all that I could (which I felt that I was) why didn´t I see the results? It was during this period of time that President Franco asked every single missionary in la Gran Misión Argentina Resistencia to print out and read the talk by Tad R Callister titled Becoming a Consecrated missionary. Not long after that, My older sister sent me a talk from Lawrence Corbridge titled The Fourth Missionary. Reading and pondering over these two talks and the decisions I made to change my mission in this period of time is what changed my mission and what I firmly believe to be what ultimately changed me.

       Because of the revelation recieved by said talks, I realized that there were certain changes that had to take place in me and my mission and they weren´t just going to happen, I had to be the one to make them happen. And I did. Thanks to the epiphany that I recievced over the course of a few days in Fontana, i learned that the purpose of the mission was not to find teach and baptize as many people as I possibly could, but the purpose of my mission was to convert me to such a point that I would want to do these things all day every day for the rest of my mission.

      The realization that the mission was meant to change ME is something that may come naturally to some, but not to me. That´s why I treasure the revelation recieved thanks to my nine months in Fontana. It may be something that everyone has and it may not be as spectacular as some things that thers have, but thatnks to the change that it has brought in me, I´m eternally grateful for it.

       I may say the same of my mission. The personal experiences and changes that I have experienced for these past two years are pérsonally important to me for the way that it has changed me and changed my life.

Enright out.

P.S. the photo is of the time this past week when Gustavo cam a-preaching alongside us, he loved it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gustavo´s Baptism (Rhys)

This last week, we had another baptism in our district!!  His name is Hector and he´s been taught by the Hermanas for the past few weeks (months?).

      In preparation for Hector´s baptism, I interviewed him (good to go); the Hermanas prepped the font; we called everyone in the ward and not only invited them to come, but also invited them to bring cake; and according to the Hermana´s  petition, we also asked Gustavo ( who recently recieved the priesthood) if he would be willing to baptize Hector. Gustavo got super excited at the idea and stated that " sería un honor." All this at the beginning of a charla that we had a few nights before the baptism in which we discovered that not only had Gustavo already recieved a pamphlet of Mi Familia, but he had also already filled it out. Yeah, he´s pretty awesome.

       There were a few quirks to the baptismal service, as there almost always are. In preparation for the baptism, we read with Gustavo in DyC 20: 73 (I think, I can´t quite remember) about the manner of baptism and made sure he knew how to do it. At the actual baptism, before doing the ordinance, Gustavo ran through it all severa ltimes in his head and assured that he knew Hector´s full name. despite the lingering feeling that we had forgotten something, but not knowing what it could be ELder Tracy and I sat down to watch the baptism. Gustavo says everything exactly right and begins to lower Hector into the water. upon reaching the water, Hector barely dips the back of his head in when He starts to come back up. And THAT is when Elder Tracy and I both felt a cold grip of terror. We had forgotten to tell him that Hector had to go ALL THE WAY UNDER. Just something that we may have assumed that he knew. Well, the two witnesses let Gustavo know that he had to do it again to which gustvao responds, " oh, okay" and begins to dip a clueless Hector again into the water. The witnesses stop him again and tell him that he has to do the whole ordinace again and them he responds the same way, does the ordinance again and all was well. Elder Tracy and I asked forgiveness afterward, nut Gustavo took it like a champ.

Other than the baptism. . . other things happened, but that´s all I really have to tell about.

Photo: the photo´s not great, sorry.

Elder Enright


I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words, so I don´t imagine I need to explain more about the picture of the Cow hoof)

This week´s most depressing moment was when our Stake president infomred us of Elder Perry´s death, it was very sudden.  We had visited his neighbors with him and then visited with his famliy to organize a family home evening.  Upon finishing the prayer to leave he told us what had happened before I had opened my eyes.  Bummer of a way to find out

The weather here in Chile has rapidly gotten very cold and it is freezing cold every morning, inside and outside.  The extremely warm weather of Arizona sounds pretty good just about now.

Along with the cold weather have come a ton of members and investigators who have asked us for blessings of health and sometimes fortaleza to battle the flu, colds, and bronchitis similar to what I was fighting just about two weeks ago.  

All week Elder Sanhueza and I have been working hard to take as many people as we could to the Stake Primary activity.  And in the end we got two families who accompanied us to the activity.  It was a presentation of dances from several countries (including Chile and the States) each ward´s primary had been assigned a country from which they provided a dance, food, and other cool cultural stuff.  El Barrio Liahona had Greece and in my personal opinion had the best dance presentation ( of course we only could stay to see two, Columbia, from my last ward (Estero Viejo) and Liahona.  The ward has a facebook page (Barrio Liahona) and I´m certain the video will show up soon of it is not already there.  I have to recomend that those who can search for it because i wasn´t able to record it.

With only two more weeks to serve as a Full-time Missionary, I don´t feel any different despite what I had expected.  But there is still a lot to do.

Until next week!

Elder Enright

 At the Zone Conference with mi hijito, Elder Vera

 Zone Conference, Elder Ramirez! (he´s gotten really skinny)

A cow foot (hoof?) that la hermana where we were visiting was preparing to cook,  Yummm