Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gustavo´s Baptism (Rhys)

This last week, we had another baptism in our district!!  His name is Hector and he´s been taught by the Hermanas for the past few weeks (months?).

      In preparation for Hector´s baptism, I interviewed him (good to go); the Hermanas prepped the font; we called everyone in the ward and not only invited them to come, but also invited them to bring cake; and according to the Hermana´s  petition, we also asked Gustavo ( who recently recieved the priesthood) if he would be willing to baptize Hector. Gustavo got super excited at the idea and stated that " sería un honor." All this at the beginning of a charla that we had a few nights before the baptism in which we discovered that not only had Gustavo already recieved a pamphlet of Mi Familia, but he had also already filled it out. Yeah, he´s pretty awesome.

       There were a few quirks to the baptismal service, as there almost always are. In preparation for the baptism, we read with Gustavo in DyC 20: 73 (I think, I can´t quite remember) about the manner of baptism and made sure he knew how to do it. At the actual baptism, before doing the ordinance, Gustavo ran through it all severa ltimes in his head and assured that he knew Hector´s full name. despite the lingering feeling that we had forgotten something, but not knowing what it could be ELder Tracy and I sat down to watch the baptism. Gustavo says everything exactly right and begins to lower Hector into the water. upon reaching the water, Hector barely dips the back of his head in when He starts to come back up. And THAT is when Elder Tracy and I both felt a cold grip of terror. We had forgotten to tell him that Hector had to go ALL THE WAY UNDER. Just something that we may have assumed that he knew. Well, the two witnesses let Gustavo know that he had to do it again to which gustvao responds, " oh, okay" and begins to dip a clueless Hector again into the water. The witnesses stop him again and tell him that he has to do the whole ordinace again and them he responds the same way, does the ordinance again and all was well. Elder Tracy and I asked forgiveness afterward, nut Gustavo took it like a champ.

Other than the baptism. . . other things happened, but that´s all I really have to tell about.

Photo: the photo´s not great, sorry.

Elder Enright

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