Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words, so I don´t imagine I need to explain more about the picture of the Cow hoof)

This week´s most depressing moment was when our Stake president infomred us of Elder Perry´s death, it was very sudden.  We had visited his neighbors with him and then visited with his famliy to organize a family home evening.  Upon finishing the prayer to leave he told us what had happened before I had opened my eyes.  Bummer of a way to find out

The weather here in Chile has rapidly gotten very cold and it is freezing cold every morning, inside and outside.  The extremely warm weather of Arizona sounds pretty good just about now.

Along with the cold weather have come a ton of members and investigators who have asked us for blessings of health and sometimes fortaleza to battle the flu, colds, and bronchitis similar to what I was fighting just about two weeks ago.  

All week Elder Sanhueza and I have been working hard to take as many people as we could to the Stake Primary activity.  And in the end we got two families who accompanied us to the activity.  It was a presentation of dances from several countries (including Chile and the States) each ward´s primary had been assigned a country from which they provided a dance, food, and other cool cultural stuff.  El Barrio Liahona had Greece and in my personal opinion had the best dance presentation ( of course we only could stay to see two, Columbia, from my last ward (Estero Viejo) and Liahona.  The ward has a facebook page (Barrio Liahona) and I´m certain the video will show up soon of it is not already there.  I have to recomend that those who can search for it because i wasn´t able to record it.

With only two more weeks to serve as a Full-time Missionary, I don´t feel any different despite what I had expected.  But there is still a lot to do.

Until next week!

Elder Enright

 At the Zone Conference with mi hijito, Elder Vera

 Zone Conference, Elder Ramirez! (he´s gotten really skinny)

A cow foot (hoof?) that la hermana where we were visiting was preparing to cook,  Yummm

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