Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 1 MTC

I can't believe that it is only Thursday and that two weeks ago I was at home.  Right when I got here at the MTC they kept me busy and handed me a ton of stuff and had me walk around everywhere in the heat without rolling my shirt up since it was against the rules.   So I was sweating in my thick suit.   I got a new Preach my Gospel and an MTC green book.  I also got a bag with a few things for my stay here at the mtc like a padlock and room key.  My district had ten elders and four sisters.  One of the the elders went home before he got to Sunday.  The elders in the District are all going to California while the four sisters are going to Florida.  My companion is Elder Stucky, pronounced "stew-key", and he is from Plainview, Minnesota  and he grew up on a farm. Elder Stucky is going to a different part of California, while Elder Yuan, pronounced "u-n" is going to Redlands and Elder Driggs is going with me to Redlands too.  

Also while at the airport, right after I got past security I saw another guy in a suit who was indeed another elder. In fact, Elder Wilson, I think that was his name, is going to Redlands as well and was from the Valley.   We were later joined by two other Elders going to the MTC and went on the plane.  I really enjoyed the plane ride. I was smiling the whole time as we went up to 20,000 feet and as we started to go down.  Right after the plane ride when I went to get my stuff I went past all the groups of people that were waiting for missionaries to come home.  I got my stuff and then just as I  thought I was hopelessly lost Bayley showed up.  We went to the pizza place and then she dropped me off at the MTC.  Right after that I was going to meeting after meeting and following a really tight schedule which I actually like.  I have no trouble getting up in the morning. I also have not yet missed a day in writing in my journal.  

 I got the old people shot Tuesday (the pneumonia shot, which Amik had to get because of medication he is on but which is normally recommended for people over 65, so he calls it an 'old people shot.'  So, no, he did not get any old people shot, but rather got a vaccination that he thinks is for old people) and I was in a lot of pain because I think the nurse bruised up the vein.  Also the cooked food is really nasty and I really have been having mostly donuts/cereals and yogurt.  I also have been having a lot of fruit.   Right now I am doing laundry and waiting for it to dry.  So I can not add pictures to my folder and am running out of time.   I also had to read all the emails before I could write since I don't know how to print off the emails.   Also can't believe that you got see Alex Boye with the Piano Guys.   I now got to go 

Bye I will try to write more next time. 

Elder Enright

Bayley happened to be at the MTC for work on Amik's Pday, and ran into him as he was heading out of the MTC on his way to the temple!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Called to Serve in the California, Redlands Mission!

On August 19th Elder Amik Enright reported to the Provo Utah MTC.  He will be there until September first when he flies to Redlands California.  

Mission Call

Temple Day

Heading to the airport.

Saying goodbye.... could be 4 years before these two see one another again.

Arriving in Salt Lake City

Bayley was there to pick him up and deliver him to the MTC

Free pizza and root beer for reporting missionaries!

At the MTC

And he is off.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer 2015

Our first 3 missionaries all came home in 2015.  Bayley in January and Kegan and Rhys in June.  We had two wonderful months being all together again.