Monday, September 28, 2015

We survived the Apocalypse!!

This week was really eventful and I will explain the title near the end.   The main event is that we moved!!  We got a call Friday morning from President Van Cott who told us that we were going to move in with one of the Zone Leaders because his companion was going to be in Redlands with the AP's for awhile.  So now I am in a trio with Elder Van Dyke, my district leader, and Elder Teichert, said like  "tie-gurt," who is my zone leader.   We have also now moved into the zone leader's apartment which is really nice and big compared to ours.   

The reason for the title is the lunar Eclipse that happened.   Yes we saw it, but that is not the interesting part. Since the blood moon is mentioned in Revelations as being part of the signs of the end of the world, second coming, we had investigators and people that were freaking out.   We had one investigator tell us that "the Mormons on the news said this was the end."  He also said that he would come to church "tomorrow, if the world was still there".   However, he didn't come.  We also had another investigator that was super drunk when we had the lesson with him.   He was talking about how "this was the end" and saying that he had a devil in him and that he had cast spell when he was younger to make everyone like him, but now he didn't like it and could not revoke the spell.  When we were done with the lesson he kept texting us saying things like "he knows what you did" "in the house" "but he forgives you"  "this is the end"  We found out later that he had passed out and is now in the hospital's de-tox center. 

My mission president talked to Bayley? (Sept 21)

A note on his title:  Amik's sister works at the missionary department in SLC, she talks to many mission presidents and when Amik's happened to call one day, she mentioned that her brother was in his mission and they had a nice little chat about Amik.  I am sure he (Amik) is very curious to know specifics of what was discussed

Before I get started I am going to say that I am trying to do pictures this time, I have the cord and everything, but the computer/camera is(are) acting funny.    This week went pretty well and I will started by answering/asking a few questions are few questions.    Yes I have gotten my medications.   I have managed to send you guys a letter.   The talks mainly about this last Wednesday when we had a mission conference that was around ten hours long, 7:30am - 5 pm, so we could get these black boxes installed in our cars.  The TIWIs, yes that is their name, have a GPS and track the cars speed.  I talked about them in the letter so I will be skipping to the good part.   When the car is speeding the Tiwi will say "check your speed", however on one of the roads the speed that it must have listed for the road is actually higher than the device thinks it is.  So we called the people and they said they would fix it and that we should just do the actual speed limit.  So every time we go on that road the device starts freaking out telling us to "check our speed" over and over again.   This means that Elder Van Dyke, who is the driver at the moment, is getting a lot of violations on his record.  They are going to be erased.   Also we get taken to restaurants a lot and I try to get the cheapest thing since otherwise it kind of makes me feel bad.  However, this last Wednesday, after the conference, we went to a place called Sizzlers, I think misspelled that, with 4 older widows of the ward and I got a burger.  When they saw what I had,  they said that "you get burgers all the time! this your chance get something like a steak".  They also said that next time they take me I will "have" to get a steak.   Also today for p-day we are going to play chess since Elder Van Dyke was told to be easy on his knee for a few weeks.   That's all folks!   I am now going to try and get the pictures uploaded.    

We got no pictures. 

No pictures yet (Sept 14)

This should be a long email, but I do not know for sure.   Right now we are in a library in Cabazon so that we could email since I do not have my ipad yet.    We have no real investigators right now and since we are not allowed to tract we are waiting on member referrals that so far are in short supply. So what we mainly do right know is go through the potential investigator list that is in our area book and knock on their doors, but, since some of these are so old, lots of the time the people have moved or no longer have any interest in the subject.  We do have a couple of people that like to Bible bash it seems.  

On Friday I had my first companion exchange on my mission and since Elder Van Dyke is a district leader I went with one of the zone leaders.   The day was full and since it was a Friday I spent two hours, 11:00- 1:00, at the soup kitchen that the zone leaders go to, Tables of Plenty.  There were three other companionship pairs there and I mainly was the dessert person. I went around with a pan and since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt the pan rubbed off on my sleeves.  It is in the wash right now so I will see if the stains come out.   Also the zone leader's apartment is a really nice one.   

We spent this morning cleaning the apartment and car again, we actually went to a car wash this time, and it took a lot less time since we cleaned really well last p-day.  Also interesting fact is that there is currently a really fancy casino in  the area and it is the only nice/fancy building in the town.  It is a tall building that stands out because there is no other building like it for miles around.  It's like it's sucking the life out of the surrounding area. A fun fact is that the ward Elder's quorum president works at the casino.  One of our less actives also works there.   

In the ward we have a pair of sisters that work the area as well and this last Sunday we  met with the Bishop about the current status of the ward missionary work and how it is going.   Currently we have around 650 ward members and yet only 150 went this past Sunday.  We also so far have had only 2 baptisms this year when last year we had around 20.   After that we went to Sun lakes to give the sacrament to a sister.  Sun lakes is a country club/ housing area where you have to be over 50 to live.  Nearly half the active ward members live there.   We were going there just for the sacrament, but we were there for nearly 45 minutes. The people here feed us really well so I mainly have been buying yogurt and grape juice.  

I am now out of time.  So have a great school year.    

Sorry there were no pictures since I forgot the cord.   

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Everything in California causes cancer?

This going to be fast. 

To start I am now in small apartment in Banning, California with my companion Elder Van Dyke.  Elder Van Dyke is tall and blond and does not like to run.  This is mostly because he just came back to the mission after having medical leave for knee surgery.  So I am no longer running in the morning, but I am getting up at 5:50 so that we can go to the park/church for basketball/soccer.  Also it is really hot here and the reason for the title is that every store/restaurant/building has a sign on it that says it contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer.  Apparently the water is bad too.  So we have a water filter.  The apartment is really small and yesterday was p-day so we did a lot of cleaning since the apartment and truck were messy.  I am only emailing today since yesterday was Labor Day so the library was closed.  The reason that I need a library to email is that I do not currently have an ipad.  The deal with the ipad is that all the new missionaries go without the iPad for the first transfer as a kind of detox.  However once I get the iPad I will be able to read any emails that come in, but only reply on p-days.  That is why this is so short, I only have an hour for emails and needed to read about 30 emails before I started writing.  I also had to email the (Mission) President.   So once I get my ipad after this transfer I will be able to use nearly the full hour for emailing.   Also Elder Van Dyke, no relation to the actor, and I have a car, but we sometimes bike.  I got the bike the first day in the mission, but the first time I rode it the seat kind of broke.  Also we get a $140 a month for food, however I already spent a lot since I needed to buy cleaning supplies and Elder Van Dyke likes to eat out.  From the emails it sounds like you guys are having a great time.   Enjoy college everyone who is going.  

We also have almost no one to teach and we are not supposed to go tracting anymore.  
Bye out of time

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Arriving in California

 At the Ontario Airport

With his trainer.  Elders Zaelit, Andrew, Van Dyke, Enright