Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Everything in California causes cancer?

This going to be fast. 

To start I am now in small apartment in Banning, California with my companion Elder Van Dyke.  Elder Van Dyke is tall and blond and does not like to run.  This is mostly because he just came back to the mission after having medical leave for knee surgery.  So I am no longer running in the morning, but I am getting up at 5:50 so that we can go to the park/church for basketball/soccer.  Also it is really hot here and the reason for the title is that every store/restaurant/building has a sign on it that says it contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer.  Apparently the water is bad too.  So we have a water filter.  The apartment is really small and yesterday was p-day so we did a lot of cleaning since the apartment and truck were messy.  I am only emailing today since yesterday was Labor Day so the library was closed.  The reason that I need a library to email is that I do not currently have an ipad.  The deal with the ipad is that all the new missionaries go without the iPad for the first transfer as a kind of detox.  However once I get the iPad I will be able to read any emails that come in, but only reply on p-days.  That is why this is so short, I only have an hour for emails and needed to read about 30 emails before I started writing.  I also had to email the (Mission) President.   So once I get my ipad after this transfer I will be able to use nearly the full hour for emailing.   Also Elder Van Dyke, no relation to the actor, and I have a car, but we sometimes bike.  I got the bike the first day in the mission, but the first time I rode it the seat kind of broke.  Also we get a $140 a month for food, however I already spent a lot since I needed to buy cleaning supplies and Elder Van Dyke likes to eat out.  From the emails it sounds like you guys are having a great time.   Enjoy college everyone who is going.  

We also have almost no one to teach and we are not supposed to go tracting anymore.  
Bye out of time

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