Monday, September 28, 2015

My mission president talked to Bayley? (Sept 21)

A note on his title:  Amik's sister works at the missionary department in SLC, she talks to many mission presidents and when Amik's happened to call one day, she mentioned that her brother was in his mission and they had a nice little chat about Amik.  I am sure he (Amik) is very curious to know specifics of what was discussed

Before I get started I am going to say that I am trying to do pictures this time, I have the cord and everything, but the computer/camera is(are) acting funny.    This week went pretty well and I will started by answering/asking a few questions are few questions.    Yes I have gotten my medications.   I have managed to send you guys a letter.   The talks mainly about this last Wednesday when we had a mission conference that was around ten hours long, 7:30am - 5 pm, so we could get these black boxes installed in our cars.  The TIWIs, yes that is their name, have a GPS and track the cars speed.  I talked about them in the letter so I will be skipping to the good part.   When the car is speeding the Tiwi will say "check your speed", however on one of the roads the speed that it must have listed for the road is actually higher than the device thinks it is.  So we called the people and they said they would fix it and that we should just do the actual speed limit.  So every time we go on that road the device starts freaking out telling us to "check our speed" over and over again.   This means that Elder Van Dyke, who is the driver at the moment, is getting a lot of violations on his record.  They are going to be erased.   Also we get taken to restaurants a lot and I try to get the cheapest thing since otherwise it kind of makes me feel bad.  However, this last Wednesday, after the conference, we went to a place called Sizzlers, I think misspelled that, with 4 older widows of the ward and I got a burger.  When they saw what I had,  they said that "you get burgers all the time! this your chance get something like a steak".  They also said that next time they take me I will "have" to get a steak.   Also today for p-day we are going to play chess since Elder Van Dyke was told to be easy on his knee for a few weeks.   That's all folks!   I am now going to try and get the pictures uploaded.    

We got no pictures. 

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