Monday, September 28, 2015

No pictures yet (Sept 14)

This should be a long email, but I do not know for sure.   Right now we are in a library in Cabazon so that we could email since I do not have my ipad yet.    We have no real investigators right now and since we are not allowed to tract we are waiting on member referrals that so far are in short supply. So what we mainly do right know is go through the potential investigator list that is in our area book and knock on their doors, but, since some of these are so old, lots of the time the people have moved or no longer have any interest in the subject.  We do have a couple of people that like to Bible bash it seems.  

On Friday I had my first companion exchange on my mission and since Elder Van Dyke is a district leader I went with one of the zone leaders.   The day was full and since it was a Friday I spent two hours, 11:00- 1:00, at the soup kitchen that the zone leaders go to, Tables of Plenty.  There were three other companionship pairs there and I mainly was the dessert person. I went around with a pan and since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt the pan rubbed off on my sleeves.  It is in the wash right now so I will see if the stains come out.   Also the zone leader's apartment is a really nice one.   

We spent this morning cleaning the apartment and car again, we actually went to a car wash this time, and it took a lot less time since we cleaned really well last p-day.  Also interesting fact is that there is currently a really fancy casino in  the area and it is the only nice/fancy building in the town.  It is a tall building that stands out because there is no other building like it for miles around.  It's like it's sucking the life out of the surrounding area. A fun fact is that the ward Elder's quorum president works at the casino.  One of our less actives also works there.   

In the ward we have a pair of sisters that work the area as well and this last Sunday we  met with the Bishop about the current status of the ward missionary work and how it is going.   Currently we have around 650 ward members and yet only 150 went this past Sunday.  We also so far have had only 2 baptisms this year when last year we had around 20.   After that we went to Sun lakes to give the sacrament to a sister.  Sun lakes is a country club/ housing area where you have to be over 50 to live.  Nearly half the active ward members live there.   We were going there just for the sacrament, but we were there for nearly 45 minutes. The people here feed us really well so I mainly have been buying yogurt and grape juice.  

I am now out of time.  So have a great school year.    

Sorry there were no pictures since I forgot the cord.   

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