Monday, September 28, 2015

We survived the Apocalypse!!

This week was really eventful and I will explain the title near the end.   The main event is that we moved!!  We got a call Friday morning from President Van Cott who told us that we were going to move in with one of the Zone Leaders because his companion was going to be in Redlands with the AP's for awhile.  So now I am in a trio with Elder Van Dyke, my district leader, and Elder Teichert, said like  "tie-gurt," who is my zone leader.   We have also now moved into the zone leader's apartment which is really nice and big compared to ours.   

The reason for the title is the lunar Eclipse that happened.   Yes we saw it, but that is not the interesting part. Since the blood moon is mentioned in Revelations as being part of the signs of the end of the world, second coming, we had investigators and people that were freaking out.   We had one investigator tell us that "the Mormons on the news said this was the end."  He also said that he would come to church "tomorrow, if the world was still there".   However, he didn't come.  We also had another investigator that was super drunk when we had the lesson with him.   He was talking about how "this was the end" and saying that he had a devil in him and that he had cast spell when he was younger to make everyone like him, but now he didn't like it and could not revoke the spell.  When we were done with the lesson he kept texting us saying things like "he knows what you did" "in the house" "but he forgives you"  "this is the end"  We found out later that he had passed out and is now in the hospital's de-tox center. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is just crazy (the texts). Hahaha!