Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy birthday Aislin and Bayley!!!!

Yes I am in a new area with a new companion.   It is almost like I have four new companions since we are in an apartment with a trio of Spanish elders. The reason for the trio is that one was supposed to train, but the new
Elder decided to jump ship at the airport.   The new area is basically a city compared to my last area.  Oh, I forgot to mention, but the new area/ward is Bloomington, but How did you guys find Out? My new companion's name is Elder West and this is his last area since he will be heading home two days before Thanksgiving.   I have been able to learn a lot from him and he is just a great missionary. What's weird is that he trained Elder Van Dyke, the last six weeks, so he is like my step dad and my grandfather at the same time.  However,
we are not supposed to use those informal terms in his mission so I really should not have said that.  

Also, forgot to mention that this is a biking area so I am biking nearly everyday.   It makes this transfer a lot more interesting cause you get all these crash stories.   It has not even been a full week yet, but I have already had my bike handle get caught in a fence as I was going by, hit a pole,  and crashed into a tree thing.  Also since yesterday was my first Sunday in the area. I also gave talk in sacrament meeting like Bayley did. It was only an
introduction and bear your testimony talk,but it still counts.  Also there are two Elder sets in the ward and one of them was new too, so he gave one as well.  This Elder arrived in the mission with me.   He got all his luggage stolen from the back of the truck on the second day in the field.   They had to do an interview and left it for only a few minutes.  So he had wear what he had on for a week before his mom sent him some more of everything. 

Also the people we are meeting are really interesting.  One guy showed me the best way to lock up my bike so
that bike thieves like him can't get it.   This area has a lot more investigators than my last area with four on date for baptism when I got here and nearly 30 other investigators.   We had two investigators go to Sacrament meeting yesterday and we are working on getting a lot to the Trunk or Treat Halloween party on the 30th.
I now have to email my weekly letter to president Van Cott,  so that's all folks!

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