Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Aislin and pictures.

I would like to start by saying Happy late Birthday Aislin!  Besides that we did have a major service project Saturday.  Even though in the pictures I look a bit unhappy please know that I am happy.  The
service project was from 8 am-1:30ish pm with lunch and Breakfast in there.  We were laying cinder blocks at the back of the yard so that the sister can have a garden and keep the two small dogs from digging
underneath the fence.  

Also this weekend we were walking around a small trailer park going to an investigator's house when a lady started to talk/yell at us from the her window, keep in mind that it is night and that her house was completely dark when she started talking to us.  She told us that we were not allowed to solicit in the area
and that she knew what we were "the Latter Day Saints" she was telling us that she was going to tell the cops on us and that we were liars.  Elder West kept telling her that we were fine and that were going to see someone who knows us as we were walking by, while I was trying not to laugh.  However, she did made me jump when she started talking out of the dark. 

Also we got another investigator to go to church.  We did have around ten committed to come, but this one that came was just golden.   Her name is Monica and she has two boys, 4 and 7, that she said would be coming next week.   She stayed for all three hours and once was talking about how she wanted her sons to serve missions.
She is already on date for Baptism, since before I got here, but this was her first time at church.  The Spanish Elders got a baptism yesterday and ten investigators to church today.    Also Elder West got all his travel information this week and we are hoping that Monica will be his last baptism and my first in the mission, it's on the 21st of November.  

Besides that it sounds like everything is going well home.  It sounds like you guys are going to have a
really nice holiday season!  We got our information about what we are doing this Halloween and we are supposed to be indoors by 6:00 pm.  I hope you guys have a great treasure hunt and Halloween!    TTFN!

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