Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I forgot to explain last weeks title! (Oct 12)

I remembered last Monday right after emailing that I never explained last weeks title.   The title was 'your ego is not your amigo'.  We have a lot of churchs around here and that was one of the things that one of the white church board things said and because Missionaries have little to no entertainment around here that was just really funny to me.   Also as you tell from the bottom of the email I now have the iPad that should hopefully last me the next ten years.  We were supposed to get them this last Tuesday when we had zone conference, but that did not work out since the iPads didn't arrive on the day before.   So I actually got mine on Friday when we were doing exchanges with the APs.   We got Elder Raff while Elder Teichert went to Redlands. 

Elder Raff had served in Banning before so nearly everyone knew him.  In fact, with him we were able to get past doors that would never open for us before.   We also went to the Diaz family with him for dinner.   The Diaz family is a part member family and Sister Diaz is a very good cook.  She is not as good as mom, but I only had one other dinner that matched mom's cooking and they are in-active too, except they are in Oak valley.   Anyway, the Diaz family is a really big family that really like the missionaries, and feeding them.  This is why nearly every Missionary in the Redlands mission know about the Diaz family.  Also when we went over for dinner they were kind of having a family reunion since one of the daughters was going down to Texas the next day and a brother had come from Texas to take her.  We also were able the to get emails for people that lived in Cabazon that we could not meet with. One family we were unable to contact because they never answer our calls and they have a big pit bull in the front yard so we can't go knocking on the door because it roams free around the yard.  The other was just that we needed his address.  

Also, before I forget, transfers are this Wednesday and we will be finding about who is going tonight.  Also, we had stake conference this Sunday and the missionaries were invited to the adult session Saturday night.   It was a really good conference and the Mission president was there. However, I don't know why the missionaries were invited because it was all about husbands and wives.   

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