Thursday, October 8, 2015

Your ego is not your amigo! (Oct 5)

This week has gone by fast.  It is weird because General Conference used to seem long, but now it goes by really fast. It has been an interesting General Conference weekend with the three new apostles. I have a lot of work to do while I wait for the next one in six months.  

This last week went by fast and we have finally invited two of our investigators to be baptized!  The couple were already engaged to be married when we started to teach them.  Their names are Luke and Bebe (Bibi?) and they are a member referral.  The member is his boss, office manager, and manged to take him to the priesthood session Saturday. When we see them next we will see how they are doing and what their answer is on whether they want to be baptized!  

Besides that we are currently trying to find more investigators.   Sorry this is short, but the next one should be longer since I will have my ipad and I will be able to read you emails at other times.

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