Monday, November 23, 2015

Transfers, temple trip, and a baptism

The email is a bit late because we just got word last night about who is being transferred.  I am the only one staying at this apartment. Elder Seeborg, the redhead who cut his own hair, will be staying in the same ward along with Elder Jewell, but they both will be getting different companions and changing apartments.  Elder Nielson will be moving a ward over and will also be changing apartments and be on bike.  Elder West is going home.  His departing devotional was yesterday and he will be heading to the mission home at 4:3O today.  Which is why this email is a bit late.  We did soccer and basketball this morning and now Elder West actually has to pack.  My new companion will be named Elder Cook and it looks like we will be all alone in this big apartment.  

The major events this week were a baptism and a temple trip.  The temple trip happened on Friday and we left early in the morning since our temple session started at 8:30.   Currently my area is only twenty minutes away from the Redlands temple. I wish that we could go more often than every six months.  Monica's baptism went
really well except for a few emergencies that occurred just before the baptism.  The major one was when we realized that we did not have the baptism jumpsuit since we both thought the other had brought it. However, the Reeds were able to bring it. The Reeds are a senior missionary couple that work at the employment center and live right across from our apartment in the same complex.   Also, from the time that we stopped filling the font up and sang the opening hymn, the font had sunk about a foot.   So we had to fill it up during the opening prayer and the first talk. Then the plug was also taken out after Monica was baptized so we had this giant sucking noise near the end of the meeting as it drained.  Also, while we waited after the baptism for Monica and Elder West, we had people write on index cards about how happy they were for her.  By that night we had a small picture book
with those cards and the baptism pictures.  

That night was the ward's Thanksgiving dinner.  We got seven non-members there.  Eight if you count Monica. Monica even made  pies for the dinner.

 Temple Trip

  We both wore purple ties to the baptism since that is Monica's favorite color.

We went to visit a part-member family in our ward.  This was our first visit.  They had a lot of pets.   One dog, two cats, three snakes, two lizards, a weasel, and a fish tank.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Puebla, Mexico

About the title, Amik's sister, Erin just received her mission call to the Mexico, Puebla North mission.

I guess the whole Enright family should work on their Spanish.  Since half the family went to a place where Spanish was the only available language or, in Bayley's and my case, was spoken by half, to 3/4, of the population. Congratulations, Erin on getting ready for a mission. You have around 148 days to learn Spanish from Kegan and Rhys so that your head does not blow up when you go to the Mexico MTC.  I have the date you leave on my iPad calendar.   

I am now in my last week with Elder West before he goes home the 24th.   So I will most likely be taking over the area, unless we get white washed out.  Things are going pretty well.  We currently have six on date for baptism.  One of them is Monica whose baptism is happening next week. She past her interview yesterday. Elder West will be the one to baptize her.  Also, yesterday we had another investigator come to church with us.  So we had Monica one side of us and Denise on the other side.  Monica also stayed the whole time again, Denise left
after sacrament meeting.  We got two of Monica's fellowshipers to give talks at her baptism.

Also, this week we had a zone meeting Tuesday and a zone conference Friday.  They were both about being on fire as a missionary and talking with everyone.  Which I still need to work on.  Also, yesterday we were walking to the park at around 8:40 pm because we were hoping to find a few potential investigators.  We did not find
any, but what did happen was funny.  As we were walking across the parking lot a group of about four guys, teenagers, yelled at us as they were driving by.  We did not understand what they said so we yelled back "what!".  We knew what they were doing, however, when we yelled back the driver turned into the parking lot.  This was not what the guy in shotgun wanted, so as they drove right by us he had his head in his jacket, not wanting to talk to us face to face.  They then went out and yelled at us again when they were safely back on the road as they went past us.  This is generally the case.  People yell at us as they drive by.  

Also, thank Brother Allen for the letter he sent.  He gave me my next ponderizing scripture just when I need it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Sunday to Remember (Nov 9)

I will get to the title later.    First, it sounds like everyone is doing great.   One thing I would like to get are pictures from this Halloween, Noah's braces, damaged Rhys (one of Amik's brothers is on crutches).   I will send a few pictures soon, since we have a baptism coming up.  Monica is going to be baptized.  We are just working on setting up the interview.  She is currently a golden investigator and I am getting experience on doing all the lessons that I am supposed to cover and not just the first three.  

Also this last Friday I had an exchanges with our district leader.   He was coming here and Elder West was leaving to his area.   Elder Fuller, the district leader, came with his bike and I took over our area for the day.  This was kind of stressful since I am very good at getting lost.   Even this morning we came out of Walmart and I had no idea where the car was.   However, Friday morning went well since we just stayed in till 1:30 since we had studies and Mission president interviews.  Funny story about that.  We did not know we were going to get interviewed until after we had already started exchanges so the Zone leaders had to bring Elder Fuller his suit. The zone leaders live in the same apartment and have the car. So that is why they brought it over.  Also one of Zone leaders is Elder Wilson who came out with me from the Colorado Springs airport.   

Now time for the story behind the title.  It really started out Saturday around four pm when Elder West got the text that he would be giving a 15-20 minute talk the next day. We found out later that it was because two others cancelled their talks.  We then went out and started teaching/finding investigators. By that night he only had two paragraphs.  Then in the morning before he started to write there was a major distractionin the apartment . (Also bear in made that the topic was on "how reverence helps me receive revelation".)  What happened was that one of the Spanish Elders got out of the shower and decided to give his own hair a trim.   So Elder Seeborg got the clippers and started cutting his own hair.   Then he came out and showed everyone what happened.  He now had a big bald spot in the middle of his head. It looked like a the head of a forty nine year old man trying to cover up the fact that he was balding.  So we had an emergency hair cut that Sunday morning.  Elder Jewell, another Spanish Elder, gave him a really short buzz cut.  And Elder Seeborg lost two pounds worth of his hair.   Then it was time for church.  This was when Elder West had to give his talk that was really not written.   All he really had was notes for a five minute talk.  In the end, I did most of the stressing.  Elder West just said that he had almost gone the whole two years without giving a talk at church. 

After church we got a ride back to our apartment.  Then we had to go to dinner.  We biked all the way to back to the church building.  Because the member lived right across from the church building.  Right across. After dinner we went to the church building wondering what we would be doing then because it was getting a bit late and the way back was a long bike ride with lots of hills.   Then we realized that the Spanish Elders were having their baptism right at that time.    So we went in and watched.   So I witnessed my first baptism on my mission and could not understand a single word that was said.  Except for the occasional English word or name that was thrown in.  

Now I am running out of time and I am going to get my hair cut.   Have a great day. 

Forgot some stuff: On exchanges this last Friday I did very well, but I did get lost on the way home.   What happened was that we were on the far side of the area and I was looking for the road that would take me all the way home.   But, what I forgot was that the name of the road changed.  So we biked past the road that I wanted and still kept going up. This continued until I found a street that I recognized.  But, that part was really hilly so I really worked poor Elder Fuller.

Elder West took this picture of me during our lunch break.     Those are the apartment's glasses.  

Erin is going to Germany (Nov 2)

^^^^^^ That is my guess. 

I really can't believe that it is already Halloween.   We had to go in early that night.  We were in at 6 and good thing too because that night we heard around six gunshots that night.  Also before that on Wednesday we went to help a member to move some stuff out of storage into a truck so that he could move it to Utah.  That happened in San Bernardino, outside of our area, so we got permission to go over.   However, when we got there with the high priest group leader, who drove us over, they were already done really.   So we just helped finish getting it all tied down.  Then we heard a gunshot and one of the other Elders who was in San Bernardino before said "welcome to San Bernardino".   

Besides that we have been getting a few more investigators, mostly potentials, and Monica came to church again.  This time with both of her kids, 4 and 7, though she did have to leave a before Relief Society.   Also this last week we  taught her the Word of Wisdom.  She has since quit smoking and drinking coffee.  She said that coffee was the hardest to give up.  This is mostly because she gets coffee free at work and she works the graveyard shift doing security at a warehouse.   Howeverr she was able to stop drinking coffee immediately, but smoking has taken awhile.   If it continues this way.  I should be having my first baptism in the mission on November 21.  The same day as the ward's Thanksgiving dinner.   Elder West will be the one baptizing her since he will be going home the following Wednesday.   Since he is leaving, I will must likely be taking  over the area so I have been trying to learn where everything is.  This is kind of hard since I have never been good with

We also should we getting a few more people that might be able to be baptized in the two weeks after Elder West leaves.   We just got one very good potential investigator yesterday who said that he did not have a church, but was looking for one.   His name is Luis and he has just gotten out of high school.    We actually went down there looking for a referral that we got, but the addresses that we were given were faulty and said there should be a house in what happened to be the freeway.   Past which was not our area.   We were able to get Luis's phone number and address and last name.  These are very important pieces of information that some Elders seem to forget about.  Just two weeks ago we had deflate/drop a few potential investigators because we had no way to contact them.   

When did Erin put her availability date for the mission?   What are everyone else's guesses?

PS Elder West says Erin is going to Russia

Dinner  at Bishop's