Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Sunday to Remember (Nov 9)

I will get to the title later.    First, it sounds like everyone is doing great.   One thing I would like to get are pictures from this Halloween, Noah's braces, damaged Rhys (one of Amik's brothers is on crutches).   I will send a few pictures soon, since we have a baptism coming up.  Monica is going to be baptized.  We are just working on setting up the interview.  She is currently a golden investigator and I am getting experience on doing all the lessons that I am supposed to cover and not just the first three.  

Also this last Friday I had an exchanges with our district leader.   He was coming here and Elder West was leaving to his area.   Elder Fuller, the district leader, came with his bike and I took over our area for the day.  This was kind of stressful since I am very good at getting lost.   Even this morning we came out of Walmart and I had no idea where the car was.   However, Friday morning went well since we just stayed in till 1:30 since we had studies and Mission president interviews.  Funny story about that.  We did not know we were going to get interviewed until after we had already started exchanges so the Zone leaders had to bring Elder Fuller his suit. The zone leaders live in the same apartment and have the car. So that is why they brought it over.  Also one of Zone leaders is Elder Wilson who came out with me from the Colorado Springs airport.   

Now time for the story behind the title.  It really started out Saturday around four pm when Elder West got the text that he would be giving a 15-20 minute talk the next day. We found out later that it was because two others cancelled their talks.  We then went out and started teaching/finding investigators. By that night he only had two paragraphs.  Then in the morning before he started to write there was a major distractionin the apartment . (Also bear in made that the topic was on "how reverence helps me receive revelation".)  What happened was that one of the Spanish Elders got out of the shower and decided to give his own hair a trim.   So Elder Seeborg got the clippers and started cutting his own hair.   Then he came out and showed everyone what happened.  He now had a big bald spot in the middle of his head. It looked like a the head of a forty nine year old man trying to cover up the fact that he was balding.  So we had an emergency hair cut that Sunday morning.  Elder Jewell, another Spanish Elder, gave him a really short buzz cut.  And Elder Seeborg lost two pounds worth of his hair.   Then it was time for church.  This was when Elder West had to give his talk that was really not written.   All he really had was notes for a five minute talk.  In the end, I did most of the stressing.  Elder West just said that he had almost gone the whole two years without giving a talk at church. 

After church we got a ride back to our apartment.  Then we had to go to dinner.  We biked all the way to back to the church building.  Because the member lived right across from the church building.  Right across. After dinner we went to the church building wondering what we would be doing then because it was getting a bit late and the way back was a long bike ride with lots of hills.   Then we realized that the Spanish Elders were having their baptism right at that time.    So we went in and watched.   So I witnessed my first baptism on my mission and could not understand a single word that was said.  Except for the occasional English word or name that was thrown in.  

Now I am running out of time and I am going to get my hair cut.   Have a great day. 

Forgot some stuff: On exchanges this last Friday I did very well, but I did get lost on the way home.   What happened was that we were on the far side of the area and I was looking for the road that would take me all the way home.   But, what I forgot was that the name of the road changed.  So we biked past the road that I wanted and still kept going up. This continued until I found a street that I recognized.  But, that part was really hilly so I really worked poor Elder Fuller.

Elder West took this picture of me during our lunch break.     Those are the apartment's glasses.  

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