Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Erin is going to Germany (Nov 2)

^^^^^^ That is my guess. 

I really can't believe that it is already Halloween.   We had to go in early that night.  We were in at 6 and good thing too because that night we heard around six gunshots that night.  Also before that on Wednesday we went to help a member to move some stuff out of storage into a truck so that he could move it to Utah.  That happened in San Bernardino, outside of our area, so we got permission to go over.   However, when we got there with the high priest group leader, who drove us over, they were already done really.   So we just helped finish getting it all tied down.  Then we heard a gunshot and one of the other Elders who was in San Bernardino before said "welcome to San Bernardino".   

Besides that we have been getting a few more investigators, mostly potentials, and Monica came to church again.  This time with both of her kids, 4 and 7, though she did have to leave a before Relief Society.   Also this last week we  taught her the Word of Wisdom.  She has since quit smoking and drinking coffee.  She said that coffee was the hardest to give up.  This is mostly because she gets coffee free at work and she works the graveyard shift doing security at a warehouse.   Howeverr she was able to stop drinking coffee immediately, but smoking has taken awhile.   If it continues this way.  I should be having my first baptism in the mission on November 21.  The same day as the ward's Thanksgiving dinner.   Elder West will be the one baptizing her since he will be going home the following Wednesday.   Since he is leaving, I will must likely be taking  over the area so I have been trying to learn where everything is.  This is kind of hard since I have never been good with

We also should we getting a few more people that might be able to be baptized in the two weeks after Elder West leaves.   We just got one very good potential investigator yesterday who said that he did not have a church, but was looking for one.   His name is Luis and he has just gotten out of high school.    We actually went down there looking for a referral that we got, but the addresses that we were given were faulty and said there should be a house in what happened to be the freeway.   Past which was not our area.   We were able to get Luis's phone number and address and last name.  These are very important pieces of information that some Elders seem to forget about.  Just two weeks ago we had deflate/drop a few potential investigators because we had no way to contact them.   

When did Erin put her availability date for the mission?   What are everyone else's guesses?

PS Elder West says Erin is going to Russia

Dinner  at Bishop's

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