Monday, November 16, 2015

Puebla, Mexico

About the title, Amik's sister, Erin just received her mission call to the Mexico, Puebla North mission.

I guess the whole Enright family should work on their Spanish.  Since half the family went to a place where Spanish was the only available language or, in Bayley's and my case, was spoken by half, to 3/4, of the population. Congratulations, Erin on getting ready for a mission. You have around 148 days to learn Spanish from Kegan and Rhys so that your head does not blow up when you go to the Mexico MTC.  I have the date you leave on my iPad calendar.   

I am now in my last week with Elder West before he goes home the 24th.   So I will most likely be taking over the area, unless we get white washed out.  Things are going pretty well.  We currently have six on date for baptism.  One of them is Monica whose baptism is happening next week. She past her interview yesterday. Elder West will be the one to baptize her.  Also, yesterday we had another investigator come to church with us.  So we had Monica one side of us and Denise on the other side.  Monica also stayed the whole time again, Denise left
after sacrament meeting.  We got two of Monica's fellowshipers to give talks at her baptism.

Also, this week we had a zone meeting Tuesday and a zone conference Friday.  They were both about being on fire as a missionary and talking with everyone.  Which I still need to work on.  Also, yesterday we were walking to the park at around 8:40 pm because we were hoping to find a few potential investigators.  We did not find
any, but what did happen was funny.  As we were walking across the parking lot a group of about four guys, teenagers, yelled at us as they were driving by.  We did not understand what they said so we yelled back "what!".  We knew what they were doing, however, when we yelled back the driver turned into the parking lot.  This was not what the guy in shotgun wanted, so as they drove right by us he had his head in his jacket, not wanting to talk to us face to face.  They then went out and yelled at us again when they were safely back on the road as they went past us.  This is generally the case.  People yell at us as they drive by.  

Also, thank Brother Allen for the letter he sent.  He gave me my next ponderizing scripture just when I need it.

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