Monday, November 23, 2015

Transfers, temple trip, and a baptism

The email is a bit late because we just got word last night about who is being transferred.  I am the only one staying at this apartment. Elder Seeborg, the redhead who cut his own hair, will be staying in the same ward along with Elder Jewell, but they both will be getting different companions and changing apartments.  Elder Nielson will be moving a ward over and will also be changing apartments and be on bike.  Elder West is going home.  His departing devotional was yesterday and he will be heading to the mission home at 4:3O today.  Which is why this email is a bit late.  We did soccer and basketball this morning and now Elder West actually has to pack.  My new companion will be named Elder Cook and it looks like we will be all alone in this big apartment.  

The major events this week were a baptism and a temple trip.  The temple trip happened on Friday and we left early in the morning since our temple session started at 8:30.   Currently my area is only twenty minutes away from the Redlands temple. I wish that we could go more often than every six months.  Monica's baptism went
really well except for a few emergencies that occurred just before the baptism.  The major one was when we realized that we did not have the baptism jumpsuit since we both thought the other had brought it. However, the Reeds were able to bring it. The Reeds are a senior missionary couple that work at the employment center and live right across from our apartment in the same complex.   Also, from the time that we stopped filling the font up and sang the opening hymn, the font had sunk about a foot.   So we had to fill it up during the opening prayer and the first talk. Then the plug was also taken out after Monica was baptized so we had this giant sucking noise near the end of the meeting as it drained.  Also, while we waited after the baptism for Monica and Elder West, we had people write on index cards about how happy they were for her.  By that night we had a small picture book
with those cards and the baptism pictures.  

That night was the ward's Thanksgiving dinner.  We got seven non-members there.  Eight if you count Monica. Monica even made  pies for the dinner.

 Temple Trip

  We both wore purple ties to the baptism since that is Monica's favorite color.

We went to visit a part-member family in our ward.  This was our first visit.  They had a lot of pets.   One dog, two cats, three snakes, two lizards, a weasel, and a fish tank.

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