Tuesday, December 15, 2015

4 month mark (Dec 14)

It is weird to think that it  is almost Christmas because it just feels like autumn.   It is only raining all the time and kind of being slightly cold.  Nearly everyone is wearing cold winter coats even though the lowest it gets is fifty.   Yesterday Elder Cook and I gave talks in sacrament meeting.  We only knew we were giving talks at
about 5:00 Saturday night.  They were supposed to be about fifteen minutes long.  Mine was almost exactly fifteen minutes long.   Elder Cook was about the same, but he ran out of time.  The topic was
missionary work.  We were told we could choose the topic and we needed more lessons with members present.

Speaking of lessons currently this area is pretty much dead.  We have only one really good investigator who isn't even making it to church, so he is not that good.  Yesterday we went around and knocked on the doors of a few potential investigators while it was raining.   We walked and it was pouring rain and I felt fine.   I didn't even have my jacket on or use my umbrella.

Also, it sounds like you guys have had a great week and will be getting another great week coming. To celebrate Mom and Dad's anniversary we stayed in all day on Wednesday.   Elder Cook was really sick, really really sick.  So sick in fact that the next day he thought it was Wednesday for about half the morning.   Also, Tuesday night we went and helped serve at a relief society activity.   Also, while he was sick, I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube.

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