Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy birthday Fionnula and merry Christmas!

How are you doing?   Also, this time is going to be a short email so we have stuff to talk about this Christmas. I am kind of glad I missed the 17 hour car ride (we recently traveled to Amik's sister's graduation, a road closure changed our 12 hour drive to at least a 17 hour one), but then again I missed the Star Wars movie.   I heard from your emails that it was really good.   

Currently, we are having an interesting p-day.   This last week was pretty interesting.  We had a ward Christmas party on Friday.  We also kind of had service on Wednesday.  The High Priest group leader wanted us to help with cleaning out a yard that had a lot of overgrown plants.  Including a lemon tree. It smelled so good.   We were just taking the lemons off the branches and putting them into separate piles.  Every time I found a lemon that was nasty, I would just squeeze it and just smell the juice.  Then,  Elder Cook started puking so we had to stop. 

These last few days have been interesting.   Elder Driggs has been puking all night, so I went out with Elder Van Dyke to his doctor's appointment that was outside the mission while Elder Cook stayed with Elder Driggs. Also, Elder Van Dyke then really cut him self with a butter knife so he is going to the urgent care with Elder Cook.   At Christmas I will tell you about the werewolf we met at Panda Express who liked Joseph Stalin because of his mustache.  We also might be changing apartments this week because the north Bloomington elders are being transferred and Elder Cook and I will be taking over the whole ward. And getting a car.

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