Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I went golfing today (Dec 7)

Golfing is an interesting sport, but more on that later.  

First Wednesday,  not sure what President Van Cott told you, but I am fine.  (Wednesday was the day of the San Bernardino shooting.  Amik is in Bloomington, not far from San Bernardino.  But we did receive an email that afternoon from the mission home telling us that all missionaries in the area had been contacted and were safe). The only missionary hurt that day was Elder Cook, my companion, but that was from dropping a table on his foot.   

However, on Wednesday we helped one of our investigators move, kind of.   What happened was that she was told that she needed to leave before Friday, however, she had no place to go since the place she was moving to was not ready yet.  So we moved all of her stuff to a U-haul storage facility.  However, it was a lot of stuff.  It took two trips and we really filled the storage to the limit.  At the end we just throwing stuff into it and
seeing if it would stay.   The main thing about it was that it was seven hours long.   It was in the middle of the day at first,  so we could not get any to help.

Also, I do not know if I told you, but Elder Cook really likes Mountain Dew.  This week alone he had 4 twelve packs.  On the other hand,  I am getting really sick of soda and meat.   They were both good because when I was at home we hardly had them, but now we have soda and meat nearly every night.   I am starting to get a few favorites.  Panda Express is really good, and just down the street.  Also,  I have found that I don't really like steak that much.   I did however, have one really good Mexican steak that was made by non-member.  The husband of a less active, but that was in Banning.  I also really like chicken, pasta, and breakfast food since we hardly have that.

Besides that we also taught the young women yesterday like Dad did. The lesson was on missionary work so Sister Procter, one of the young women leaders, asked us four missionaries to give the lesson.   It was great and we gave out 15 copies of the Book of Mormon.  The young women all said that they would give the book to a friend or someone. We were also able to watch the Christmas devotional yesterday.   We were kind of allowed to.   We were only supposed to go if we got an investigator coming.  That day in sacrament meeting we got an investigator to say they would go.   So we went.   However, we got a text that said they were not going when it started and since we got a ride to the stake center, and our ride was staying, we had to, got to, stay and watch.  

Also, before I ran out of time. The golf trip. I believe that it is basically pool on a larger scale.  My highest score was twenty, that is good right? Also my lowest was six, which was Elder Van Dyke's highest.  Also, the best part was the carts.  Those golf carts were the first time I have driven on my mission. 

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