Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new (Nov 30)

The most eventful thing that happened this week was transfers.  So I will talk about that first. Elder West left Monday afternoon, 4:35and took a lot of stuff with him including his collection of 150 ties. I was hoping to get a few ties off him, but he kept pretty much all of them. I don't know if I told you this, but before I was companions with Elder West I had heard of his tie collection.  However, I did manage to get the two best ties of his by trading.
After he left I mainly just started to throw most off what was left behind in the trash.  

Tuesday I was with Elder Morgan.  He came out with me, and his companion, Elder Johnson, also left for home, which is why we were together.  We stayed in my area and biked over most of my area.   Since Monica has left we have been focusing mainly on finding, since our golden investigator is now a member.   Elder Cook and I have been going though our potential investigator list and getting in contact with them or dropping them when the address does not even exist or is all locked up, empty, and for sale.   

I also biked for the first time in rain on Wednesday.   Speaking of the weather it does not snow here, but it is apparently getting a lot colder than usual for California and everyone is putting on their winter coats. Thanksgiving was slightly odd because it really was like just any other weekly planning day.  We just sat around and planned what we would be doing for the next few days.  Then we went over and had dinner at a member's grandmother's home.  The turkey was the best part.  

We have been getting some good potential investigators as we have been going though our list of referrals.  The Book of Mormon and the priesthood seem to be the most unique parts of our religion and what gets most people hooked. However,  most people that don't like us say that we have a different Jesus or that we are satanists.  We are current teaching a free mason, who is one of our best investigators, while we are also teaching another investigator who thinks that free masons are satan worshippers and that the Mormon church was made by them.

Also,  Elder Van Dyke and Elder Driggs moved into our apartment, replacing the Spanish Elders.  Elder Driggs was in my MTC district and was the one that took Bayley's and my picture at the MTC.
Also, they are in the Samoan ward and they always have some interesting stories. 

Elder Reeder, Elder Fuller, Elder Wilson (He came out with me from Colorado), Elder Enright, Elder Morgan, Elder Schmucker (Zone leader) 

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