Friday, December 23, 2016

(Erin Dec 19)

Okay, so today has been super stressful. Last night we went to the mission home with all the sister leaders because we were all gonna help decorate one of the chapels for christmas today. So yeah that was super weird. The president lives in this super fancy expensive gated community, almost exactly like something in California. With palm trees and all. Really weird. SO yeah, we helped decorate for conferences that will start tomorrow and now we´re emailing super fast because we´re gonna go help our mission leader prep goody bags for the Christmas dinner on Thursday. AND then when we get back home we have to pack all our stuff because we´re gonna move to another house. yay. 

I can´t wait to see you all on Christmas. I can´t believe two of you will be married! I´m just a little jealous of the snow you guys have. There´s nothing here. Just a lot of sun and for some reason bug bites all over my arms. 

Oh yeah. I got your package!!!!!! About 3 or 4 days ago and totally opened it because I just couldn´t wait. Thanks so much for everything! Seriously, things like post-it notes and socks are in short supply here and I always seem to need them.

I´m actually super super sad that I´m not in Nana for Christmas, because I really wanted you guys to meet Familia Lara and Familia Hernandez. They are so awesome and I seriously miss them, but hey, there´s not not much I can do about it.

Miss you all like crazy. I can´t believe this year is basically over, how weird.
Love you! See you SUNDAY!

Happy wedding(s) and merry Christmas (Amik Dec 19)

Sounds like you guys are being busy with all the weddings and stuff.  Anyway, Merry Christmas!! I got the package and will open it Christmas morning.  Planning on that at least unless you want otherwise.  By the way, Bayley and Dion Congratulations.   We got transfers done Wednesday. So now I am with Elder Everson originally from Australia. I tried some Vegemite this morning.  It is really strong and I will stick to my peanut butter.  We now acquired some of the other Baseline elders' area, the elders who left, so I have been trying to learn the area and get Elder Everson familiar with the area too.  Also, this is Elder Everson's first bike area and it is the first time it has rained in months, he tore two pairs of pants, and he has already crashed once. So this has been an interesting week for the pair of us.  It has been worse for Bob, however.  Also, I got a few pictures.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ch ch ch ch changes (Erin Dec 12)

Okay, so, there have been some rather major changes for me. So, Today we had cambios, but lets go back to about wednesday when the leaders call you if the area´s gonna close or at least one is going to train. All the members in our ward knew we were waiting to hear if we were going to have cambios or not, so ALL day long we kept having to tell people that, no, we don´t have a clue yet. And then the leaders never called on Wednesday, so we knew that at least one of us was going to stay, if not both (Which techinically was my wish, but we´ll get to that.) So then Friday arrived, and we weren´t expecting anyone to call us because the leaders don´t call the rest of the missionaries that have cambios until Saturday. But hey, President Nelson called me Friday night and asked me if I would accept the assignment to be hermana lider. And of course I accepted, even though my heart literally broke (because I would have to leave Nana!). Anywho, so we knew Friday night that I was going to leave and Hermana Orellana would stay in Nana, but we didn´t know where I was going or who our companions would be. AND we didn´t find out until yesterday at like 4pm. So, yeah, that was kind of a long explanation, but I´m back in Puebla now, basically in the backyard of my first area, it´s super weird. My new companion is Hermana Ortiz, She´s from guatemala. 

So...yeah. Weird, but we took lots of pictures with everyone on Sunday, so I´ll send some. 

What else....Last night Hermana Bere and Hermano Armando made hamburgers for us, which were super amazing and had pineapple, YUM. I only cried a few times...ha. Seriously, I can remember my first week in Nana, thinking "what the heck I´m I doing here?" We didn´t  have anything (seriously, no materials no directions, no carpeta de area) or anyone to teach. But yeah, thanks to the members, it was really easy to fall in love with the ward and the area. How I am going to miss everyone. Seriously, I´m going to miss everything about that place. Even the trash truck guy who would always yell out " Hola Guerita!" every darn time we passed by. 

Oh yeah, funny story. So the church computer system stopped working in the chapel the other week and the bishop asked if I could help them because the people in tech support on sundays only spoke english. So on sunday I called this place for them and it was SUPER HARD to form complete sentences in english, the bishop´s son was laughing at me. 

Okay, pictures!
 We bought Christmas hats for an ward activity, that will happen when I´m not there, but hey, I´m not bitter about that. 
 Our last correlation meeting with Hermano Moroni. I love having two sets of misionaries in the same ward. 

 Me and Familia Hndz Bustillo. Hermano Armando, Hermana Bere and their kids, Santi, Tommy and Mosiah.

 Bishop Lara, Me, Hermana Juanita, Santi, Hermano Moroni, Hermana Bere, MOsi, Hermano Armando. 

Me and the bishop´s daughter, Rebe. She´s awesome.

Okay, that´s all for now, 
con cariΓ±o,
Hermana Enright

Transfers (Amik Dec 12)

It is going to be awesome.  I am staying in the area.  Elder LaBarge is going to loma Linda in the mountain view ward.  Elder Tagg is going to Yucaipa and Elder Meirs is going home to West valley.  The apartment is going to back to being a two man.  I am going to be companions with an Elder Everson.  He lived in the USA for about two
years before he left for his mission in January 2016.  However, before that he lived in Australia and has a sweet Australian accent.  So we are going to combine the areas that were covered by us and the area that was covered by the other Elders.  Also, this Wednesday is packed with stuff, mostly service, a great way to begin a transfer with a new companion.  The thing we are going to do is a Christmas toy drive that we will be helping out with both Wednesday and Thursday.  Also, we did that same thing this last week.  We went to a place called Santa Claus
inc on Thursday and helped people collect some stuff for their kids. It was a few cities over so we had to get a ride.  I also was pretty sick Saturday, but now I feel better.  Anyway, I hope the wedding goes great. Have a great week!!!

-Elder Enright-

Friday, December 16, 2016


I can´t believe it´s December. And it doesn´t help that there is no snow here and it´s like a 100 degrees. Okay, not really, but it´s been pretty hot. There are a lot of lights up on the houses and every store is selling Christmas stuff. Oh and occasionally I´ll hear Christmas music. But yeah, it´s a little weird. 

We don´t have a whole lot of progressing investigators, but we do have a lot of families that need to get married first thing, so we´re working on that. This is my last p-day in this cambio and I´m really not ready to leave this area. I want to work more here with the ward and our investigadores, but hey, it´s not my choice. I go where the Lord needs me right?? 

Let´s see...we watched the Chirstmas Devo yesterday and I bawled during Henry B Eyring´s talk. His whole story of doing the Nativity with his family made me miss home and all our crazy Nativities. Remember that one year when we got tired of always playing the same character, so we switched it up and the girls all played the boy´s parts and the boys played the girl´s parts? Ha. 

Anywho, I´m doing super awesome and over all I´m happy. How can you not be happy when serving other people and bringing others to Christ? It truly brings joy, even when there are difficult days.

I restarted the Book of Mormon. Our mission president asked to start over and read specifically to look for teachings of repentance and consequences of not repenting. One story I was reading yesterday is the story about Nephi when he kills Laban. I´ve had various investigadores have problems with this story and that God would command someone to be killed. It´s a little extreme, but a good example of the consequences of sin. Laban was given two other chances to change and choose to help rather than be a pain, but he chose not to, and the consequence was death. So yeah, that´s what I learned this week while reading the Book of Mormon. 

Hm...highlights. Today we went and helped Hermana Bere make carameled apples for her son´s birthday (there are pictures attached). It was a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of doing them at home...and then at work for like 4 years, haha. 

Yesterday I totally ate a grasshopper, actually 2. They aren´t bad, haha, especially dipped in Valentina. 


Not a whole lot else happened this week that I remember, but honestly the days run together.

Miss you all and love you guys tons! My mission leader told me that guardians of the galaxy 2 is coming out soon, seriously?? Crazy. It´s weird not knowing anything about the rest of the world. 

Okay, pictures.  

Love you guys!

Moving a lady not much time (Amik Dec 5)

Hey Family! I will not have much time to write because we have to help a lady  move stuff from one storage unit to another before it closes tonight at 5:45 and she loses everything and now we are waiting on the truck.  Also, this last Friday we got the Santa Ana winds,  they were nearly 26 mph with faster gusts.  Biking was fun.  I made it nearly the whole day without crashing until the very end.  I was going down a road right near our apartment, almost home, and made a turn that was a bit sharp and there was a  sudden gust of wind and I shot off my bike and hit the ground and rolled a few times in the garden dirt that I landed on.  It was kind of fun and yet painful at the same time.  Anyway, we also have been able to start helping at the local community church's food warehouse.  If it all goes well we will be helping there four days a week.  Also, we were asked to be the witnesses for the baptism a child of record.  We actually played a bigger part than we thought,  they had us bear our testimonies and be part of the confirmation.  Also, isn't the Christmas Initiative cool! Also, we had our ward Christmas party and we had a good one. We as a ward watched the nativity video with Peter Hollens and Alex Boye as well as the Christmas Initiative video for this year and two years ago, He is the Gift.  Anyhow I am out of time  and need to go help this lady.  Have a great week! 

-Elder Enright-

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Video (Amik Nov 28)

Just so you know, Aislin is going to be in the MTC for 3 weeks not twelve days.  They changed that a few months ago.  Also, sounds like you guys, people, family had a great thanksgiving.  For thanksgiving we were allowed to have a two hour dinner appointment.  We had it with the other set of baseline elders at the Benson's house.  A family whose son just returned from his mission in  Mississippi this last may.  It was a pretty good meal.  Afterwards, we did the game where you unwrap a thing of plastic warp, without digging or tearing, and you get the
things that come out of it.  Meanwhile the person after you is rolling a pair of dice until he/she/it rolls doubles and then gets to try.  I got a Twix and a pez dispenser that I traded for a pair of fuzzy Christmas socks.   Elder LaBarge got some pieces of candy and a thing of ramen. πŸ™ƒ Afterwards I was talking with the Benson's four
year old niece where she guessed our ages, told us where we were from and our names.  I was 40,000 years old and from a place called Hot turkey land.  The other Elders were close in age to me. Elder LaBarge was from Frozen land, as in the movie with Olaf, Elder Tagg, the one from Canada, was from North Nevada.  I told her that and she stuck with it. The other Elder was from Turkey land. My name was King and teacher while two of the other Elders were students of mine.

Also, this week we actually got a new investigator.  We taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read it. Also, he is underage so we need to meet with his mom this next Saturday to see if he can continue to be taught. So that was sweet. 

Also, the Church came  out with the super cool Christmas Initiative this last Friday. So we have started showing that to a ton of people. Giving out cards and inviting them to look at the online advent calendar.  This Christmas is going to be great. Also, will you guys be able to send me a family history story.  Anyway have a great week!

-Elder Enright-

(Erin Nov 28)

um, um, um. I love you guys lots, I just don´t really have a whole lot to say today, haha. 

Did you watch the new Christmas video? I´m assuming you all did. WE watched it for zone conference and then on Sunday as a ward for third hour. It´s so wonderful. I could watch it a thousand more times. And the music! So pretty.

Oh, so we can listen to disney music here and we were talking to our mission leader and his cousins on the way home from correlation meeting and Rebe (one of the cousins) told me she has a whole bunch of disney music in spanish and so does my mission leader. So yesterday I gave them my USB and they downloaded a bunch for me, including the music from Spirit, which I love. Oh, but one of the songs for spirit, ah I can´t remember the word! it´s not the original, but done by Alex Boye on the piano and it´s gorgeous. But anyways, now I have disney music in spanish, how cool is that?

I was going to send pictures, but´it´s not working.

I love you all and miss you like crazy. Sometimes this is really hard, haha, but the good things far outweigh the hard stuff. 

Also, I need to learn to cook Mexican food because I´m not gonna be able to survive back at home without it, haha. 


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Being sick is NEVER fun. (Erin Nov 21)

Okay, so my wonderfully long stretch of not throwing up on the mission ended at 7 months and like....5 days. :( bummer. I was so psyched that just maybe I could make it home without throwing up at all, haha. Yeah we had intercambios the other day and in the morning I was not feeling so hot. I left with one of the sister leaders to her area and in the combi I started feeling way worse. I´m super glad I did not throw up in the combi full of like 15 people. Haha, can you imagine having to clean that up? gross. So yeah. I rested for a little while and then Hermana Orihuela woke me up so I could take a pill that she assured me would make me feel so much better. Yeah no about 15 minutes later. I felt super super horrible and threw up. Ugh. AND IT DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER! (for all those people who assure me that sometimes throwing up is what your body needs to do). Puking makes me feel like a 5 year old again, when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry. Okay, but enough about that morbid subject. 

The sisters in Calpulalpan had a baptism last saturday and it was super wonderful. The girl that got baptized is named Naybith and her testimony that she shared was just super wonderful and then our mission leader had his handy laptop with him and played Mormon messages while we were waiting for her to change. I don´t know what it is about Mormon messages in the mission, but they are so wonderful and always make me cry, but happy tears. 

It continues to get super cold here in Nana. I sleep with three blankets and three layers of clothing and I still cannot sleep through the night because it is so darn cold. And then in the mornings if we don´t turn on the boiler early enough, we don´t have super warm water. The other morning I was basically crying in the shower, praying that the water would get warmer and that I wouldn´t turn into a popsicle. burr. Oh the joys of the mission :)

Our investigator that has been progressing the fastest ended up working all week in different parts of Mexico so we literally haven´t seen him in a week. AH. I hope he´s still reading the Book of Mormon. 

um....We played futbol and basketball with some of the young men today. I´m super tired because even though I love playing futbol, when I do it only once in a blue moon, it makes it hard to not feel completely wiped out afterwards.

Welp. There´s not much else. I have three weeks left of training Hermana Orellana and sometimes I feel completely inadequate for this assignment, but I know that we´re companions for a reason and that every opportunity here is given from God to progress and help others. I honestly love my mission and love Mexico. Someone asked me what I´m going to do when I get home and I honestly want to just come back to Mexico, haha.

Miss you all and love you with all my heart. 

Happy Thanksgiving (Amik Nov 21)

This week has gone really smoothly.  We had zone conference Thursday so I shall send you a tiny bit of my notes.  The dotted points are from my notes.  
  • In order to make a difference, we need to be different. A peculiar people
We are living a consecrated life so that we might be different so that we can help create a difference for the better in another's life.  This will happen as we teach repentance and baptize converts.  
  • The flame of faith gives a missionary humility, prayerful, responsive, dependent, confidence.
  • Spiritual independence is how when we focus and work on our spiritually.
We are all each accountable for ourselves.  We were created to act not to be acted upon.  As we teach, I have seen this a ton of times, the Holy Ghost is really how we teach.  The one thing that we need to focus on is obedience.  If we are obedient to the mission rules and to God's law then we will be okay and be able to teach with power.  

This verse kind of sums it up: 
"And it must needs be that the power of God must be with him, even unto his commanding you that ye must obey. But behold, it was not he, but it was the Spirit of the Lord which was in him, which opened his mouth to utterance that he could not shut it."  2 Nephi 1:27

Also, Doctrine and Covenants 33:10 also does a good job of explaining how missionary work is done: 
"Yea, open your mouths and they shall be filled, saying: Repent, repent, and prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand;"

Also, we taught the teachers quorum about the importance of work.  We had an hour and a half to prepare it and only twenty minutes to teach.  Elder LaBarge really enjoyed it.  He was nearly giggling as he did it.  I liked it too, but not as much as he did.  

Also, to prepare for Christmas, we are to Learn of Christ for 20-30 minutes of our personal study time from Thanksgiving to Christmas.   Also, we watched the new Christmas video that the church did.  Pretty awesome. 
Looks you guys have had an eventful week.  Have another! Enjoy thanksgiving!

-Elder Enright-

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

(Erin Nov 14)

I´m still in shock that Donald Trump won... and people here are a little worried about what´s going to happen with jobs and all, especially since I know a lot of people here who have at least one family member working in the states. My hope is that they are all there legally, but I just know some of them aren´t. So weird. 

The house looks super nice and pretty and blue. Not at all a smurf house. Ronan and Liam look a lot older... that's weird. 

We had that super special conference, which really wasn´t that super special, two apostles and sister McConkie talked about keeping the commandments.  But the bishop rented a huge bus so we could pick up a bunch of members and all get to Tlaxcala, that was cool. One of our investigators, Julian, came with us. What a trooper. It was a long ride and I think he was a little overwhelmed with information, but that´s okay. One of the members that is preparing to go on a mission talked a lot to him, they´re pretty much best friends now, which is super awesome.  I don´t think I´ve ever been so excited to watch two guys exchange numbers, haha. 

Oh, interesting experience today. So, we met up with the sisters in Calpulalpan to play futbol, which was super awesome since I haven´t played in awhile. Anywho, on the way back we took the bus, but it was super full and I was basically hanging outside the door when the driver decided to close the door! OW. Nothing horrible, but he got my arm and bag for a minute there. oh the adventures here in Mexico.

Oh and Aislin is going to Brazil...or somewhere in Europe. 

Love you all lots. 

Here´s my new district

Oh hey, last monday we helped members make tamales. It was super fun and they are actually pretty easy to make. 

Sweet costumes and guesses on where Aislin is going (Amik Nov 14)

Those were some sweet costumes! Am I right in assuming that Noah is supposed to be the blue lego man on Ronan?  Also, as for where Aislin is going on her mission the guesses are: 

Elder Tagg, the Canadian, says Antarctica
Elder Myers, Redhead Utah boy, says Scotland 
Elder LaBarge, says Spain 
And I say Germany 

Also, this week has been kind of slow.  Nearly everyone was just focused on the election For the most part.  But, hey I heard that a lot of people are heading north for Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. Or trying to at least.   Also, I guess this can be seen the fulfillment of scripture.   

Doctrine and covenants 43:18 For the day cometh that the Lord shall utter his voice out of heaven; the heavens shall shake and the earth shall tremble, and the trump of God shall sound both long and loud, and shall say to the sleeping nations: Ye saints arise and live; ye sinners stay and sleep until I shall call again.


Doctrine and covenants 88:99 And after this another angel shall sound, which is the second trump; and then cometh the redemption of those who are Christ’s at his coming; who have received their part in that prison which is prepared for them, that they might receive the gospel, and be judged according to men in the flesh.

Just search Trump in the scriptures and you get a ton of these things 

Also, another thing we have been doing this week is trying to get more service.  So we actually called this big local community church and asked if they needed volunteer work.  They said yes, but we had to do an orientation.  So we did that and filled out a lot of paper work.  And they said they would call us if we were able to volunteer for them.  They have not called us yet, so we are calling them tomorrow.  Also, Saturday we were going to do a big service project.  They were not expecting a lot of people to show up, so they asked us if we could go and we said "sure!" The bike ride was a half hour.  But when we got there they were pretty much already done.  A lot more people showed up than expected.  There was a possum there.

Have a great week!  The house looks sweet by the way.

Monday, December 12, 2016

(Erin Nov 7)

Okay, okay, okay. So...nothing really new has happened. We still can´t get our investigators to come to church. We keep running out of material, which makes it hard to teach. But, hey, we´re improvising. Um...oh, yeah, next Sunday we get to go to the stake center and listen to the prophet! Ha, special conference for Mexico. Oh and I´m offically half way done with training, which is kind of nice and kind of scary because I´m just kind of making it up as I go along. 

I´m a little in shock that two of my siblings will be married by the end of the year, but hey, I´m sure I´ll survive. Just please send me pictures.

One of our investigators is seriously reading the Book of Mormon which makes me so happy and he has such random and crazy questions. One of my favorites though was how could Laman and Lemuel continue to be so bad after seeing an angel and after repenting. Pretty good question, no?

 I´ve been working really hard on reading Jesus the Christ and I am in love with it. One of the things I´ve thought a lot about this week is how completely voluntary Christ´s choice was to suffer and be crucified. There´s a story in the bible before everthing happens when Christ is with His apostles and they pass a fig tree. This tree has all it´s leaves as though it already has fruit, but when Christ goes to pick fruit from it He finds that there is none. So, He curses the tree and the next day when they pass the tree again, it´s dead. Christ has such power to give or destroy life and yet, when it came time for him to be crucified, he suffered everything in silence. I don´t think we can completely understand the love the Christ had for us without understanding how completely voluntary his suffering and death was. That at any moment he could have stopped everything, but because of what needed to be done, he suffered it all and for us no less.

Okay, well, that´s really all I can think of to write. I love you all so much and miss you.

Here are some pictures, because I know my past emails have been lacking. 

Yo, Hermana Orellana, Hermana Chavez, y Hermana Alvarez. Hermanas del barrio Calpulalpan

Back in skirts! I feel more like a missionary now, not gonna lie.

Last p-day
 A super cool and super old temple

Me and my companion, enjoying one of the colder night here. 

Me in a super cool tree.

Me and my companion with some member´s kids. Tommy, Mosiah (or Mosi), and Santiago. 

Baptism (Amik Nov 7)

This week has been really good.  Mostly because of the baptism we had this week, but there were are few other things like Halloween night. Last Monday was p-day so we did our regular p-day stuff like shop and email and clean.  We also played Monopoly where I dominated, however today I just got second place.  We also had to stay indoors that night and to a deep clean and trash all the junk that was not needed, so we did.  

We decided to knock on a few doors the next day and ran into a guy that was open to talking with us.  So we shared the Hallelujah video and he liked it.  And then! We were  invited in and offered water and we taught the restoration.  He is about 20 and wants to be a professor of William Shakespeare.  He asked clarifying questions and everything.   So we are meeting with him tomorrow and seeing how he is doing and seeing if he read the Book of Mormon.

We knocked into another potential investigator who really really liked the Hallelujah video.  She was mmhm-ing in agreement and saying 'amen' during the whole video so she said we could send the sisters over. This was Wednesday when we found her, the Sisters went over Friday and we have heard that the lesson went really well.  The sisters have another appointment with her Tuesday as well.  

The baptism was awesome,  her dad baptized her and her uncle came with his wife and baby,  there was also a very large portion of the ward that showed up.  And on Sunday we did her confirmation.  I don't have pictures of that yet, but I will get it to you soon.  The pictures were taken on a non apple phone so they could not airdrop them to us. 

President Dixon recently shared in an email  one of my favorite scripture stories,  we actually
talked about it at the MTC.  The story is found in 2 Kings 6. In this chapter the Syrian army came
by night with horses, and chariots, and a great host: and compassed the city of the Israelites about and when the servant of Elisha the prophet awoke and saw that the Syrian army had the city surrounded he
was alarmed and said, “Alas, my master! How shall we do?" Elisha calmly answers, “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.”  Elisha then prays to the Lord saying  "Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha". Cool! Does that not kind of remind you of Lord of the Rings?

I wish that that could happen to me. I also wish that I could see the devil's army as well, but that is beside the point.  Also, If the veil were to be parted today we would see a great host of angels that are
on our side helping us with the battle as well as the spirits of those who passed on and are waiting for their temple ordinances.

It is odd to think that by the time I Skype you guys two of you will be married.  

Also, for all you Christmas nazis: I am currently having cocoa in a snowman mug and that guy I mentioned earlier was wearing snowman socks, this would have been on November 1st. I can't wait for Christmas.  Thanksgiving is just stomach prep for Christmas dinner and all the chocolate you will eat. And the day you get ready for Christmas.

 Merry Christmas,  ❄️⛄️πŸŽπŸ””
-Elder Enright-

Here is a picture.  Sister Larson, the one on the left, is the only
one who left this transfer.

Attachments area

(Erin Oct 31)

Okay, so here "halloween" is basically three days. Today is halloween and tomorrow and wednesday is dΓ­a de los muertos, or soemthing like that. But it´s really quite interesting. I don´t have a lot of time to explain all the stories and traditions, but look it up. I´ll have to take some pictures of all the random weird things all over the town. 

Um....what else. We stopped to visit one of our investigators yesterday to see if he was home, and guess what? HE WAS HOME! This is super awesome because he has a lot of potential but we like never see him. So yeah, turns out he´s been diligently reading the Book of Mormon we gave him like 2 weeks ago and is currently in chapter 15 of 1 Nephi. He explained a lot of it to us and then asked us a bunch of questions, so yeah, that was super awesome. And we asked him to be baptized and he said yes, so that´s also super super great. 

Um......I really don´t know what else. People here listen to a heck of a lot of 80´s music and sometimes if you get in the right combi, there´s pure 80s music for your half hour ride, haha. People here are constantly asking me about Donald Trump and my thoughts on politics which is always fun because not only are we not supposed to talk about it, but I really have nothing to add to the conversation because I have no idea what´s going on. 

The other day we had zone conference and it was awesome, like it always is. We had two stake presidents talk to us about what kind of missionaries they expect us to be and how we need to be helping our wards. OH and also on the 13th on Noviembre we have a special conference where the prophet will be speaking. The conference is specifically for Mexico. Conveniently, I´m currenty in Mexico so I get to go, ha. I think that´s it.
Nothing super terrifying or exciting happened recently. I still talk in my sleep in spanish and the other day we were talking to some Elders before the conference, just briefly, and when they left I honestly could not remember if had been talking in English or Spanish, ha, weird. 

Love you all so much. I love Mexico more and more every day. The people, the culture. I love getting to be part of their lives for a little bit and watch how the gospel changes lives. It is truly incredible. Someone asked us the other day who qualifies as chidlren of God. Do they have to be members of the church or what? This made me so sad!!! I want you all to know that I know without a doubt that we are all children of God and he cares for all of us. There are no qualifications to be his child. Teaching this simple truth every single day has helped me see people as unique individuals, each with a divine potential. To love everyone and truly desire to help them understand this tiny little truth that can change their entire life. 

Okay, that´s all for now
Hermana Enright

This is Halloween (Oct 31 Amik)

This was a pretty pretty good week.  Today we just help some one move so we got pizza, without having to buy it ourselves, which we going to do before they offered us pizza.  Also, we have a baptism this Saturday!!!  Not Daniel and Vanessa yet.  But we have a family that moved into our ward a few weeks ago and due to a few complications, their daughter was not baptized.  So we met with them a few times for a few weeks.  And she just had her interview this last Saturday so she is going to be baptized!!!

Anyway, on my mission I have met so many people that remind me that sometimes get so caught up in the thick of thin things that we forget what is really important. We may even forget what our purpose is.  This was certainly me before my mission,  I can't believe it is nearly fifteen months that I have been out.   The sisters that came out with me are almost done.  They have  3 months left!  Also, Elder Welker is going/flying home tomorrow.   I forgot to mention that Wednesday is transfers, but both of us are staying, same with the other Elders in our ward.

I have been reading the New Testament and I find Matthew 28:18-19 interesting: 

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of
the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:
and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

The Savior has given us our mission and it is to teach all nations and baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. While there are many noble and great things to do we can never forget that our ministry is to BAPTIZE!

So you can see that the greatest sources to find those who are prepared to be baptize is through the members. I have seen Less active and part member families who are a goldmine for finding those who need the Gospel and also those who need to come back and enjoy the joy of living the Gospel and keeping covenants.

In the California Redlands Mission we – BAPTIZE! -- with the help of members.

Here is a picture of our distinct and the zone leaders.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

(Erin Oct 24)

Okay, so this is going to be quick. 

We had our first investigador attend church yesterday! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That´s literally the highlight of my whole week. her name is Anai and she has an awesome family. We had a lesson with her and who knows how many of her nephews and nieces. She lives with 4 of her sisters and then the other 3 sisters live nearby, so their kids are all constantly playing together. Anywho, we had this lesson with her and like 7 or 8 kids. We watched the short version of the restoration. All the kids had their folletos and were following along, haha. In the end we committed Anai to baptism and 4 of the kids who are of age all said that they wanted to be baptized too, haha. So yeah, we just have to find their parents and talk to them. Awesome family. 

Um...i´m currently living off of cereal and hot chocolate, which is technically just milk and nesquick heated up in the microwave, but hey, works for me. I bought frosted flakes the other week and every time I chow down a bowl of it with my 2% ish milk, I am reminded of every hotel I´ve ever been to. 

We´re going to go look for a taco place for lunch, which I´m super excited about since we really rely on the members to feed us healthy food because we have to time or money to make decent and healthy meals for ourselves. 

This week it´s been pretty cold, and yes, I wear a heavy coat some days, which I never thought I would have to do here in Mexico, but whatever. Love you guys lots!!!!!!!

Hermana Enright

Happy birthdays and happy Halloween! (Amik Oct 24)

This is also going to be a short email.. like Erin's.  Anyway, the Most exciting thing this week was that it rained yesterday and there was a lot of lighting.   This has been the first time it has rained for months.  Also,  We had to write a few things for one of the members, I think it was for the ward history, so I will share a small portion of it.  

 What 3 things have you learned while on your mission:
  1.  The sweet message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: faith, repentance, etc. and how it's focus is to make bad men good and good men better.
  2.  The power of the priesthood and its significance in the Restoration.
  3.  The plain and perfect truth of  the Plan of Salvation that gives purpose to my life and motivates me to continue ever onward. 
Funny/embarrassing  story while serving in the Baseline Ward:

One time while knocking on a few doors, an old 80 year old something guy, with a mustache, answered the door and I, not seeing clearly, thought he was a kid so I asked if his parents were home.  It has also happened the other way around as well. 

I feel like that since I have learned so much more of the Gospel that I have started to change into a better man.  I still have a lot of changing to do, getting rid of old habits and replacing them with something better, but as I have taught the three main lessons I seem to understand my purpose more and more.  I hardly understood the message of the restoration when I started on my mission, but the significance of the Priesthood is so much clearer than before.  I will be focusing a lot more on the simple Doctrine of Christ; faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end, throughout my life.  

I have a lot of work to do.

Also, about the embarrassing story--- that happens a lot.  A contributing factor is that most people have this storm door that is completely made of metal with a lot of little tiny holes made in such a way that they can see us, but we can't see them.  We call it the confession door.  

-Elder Enright-

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What a week! (Amik Oct 17)

Anyway this week, Daniel and Vanessa made it to church! It was awesome because we had a lot of fellowship  and they stayed for all three hours and clearly enjoyed themselves. We will have a few bugs to work out, like this one 🐜, but they are still going to be baptized soonish. One of their friends got his mission call and is going to
South America, they will be going to his farewell talk in December. Hopefully as baptized members.  Anyway that was the highlight of this week, but anyway it is getting cold here! It's Like is 62 degrees right now 😎. Anyway I did get my blood drained, taken, drawn, early this week so you should be getting results, the zone leaders took us so we went out to eat for lunch afterwards and we have a photo has proof.

Also, we had zone conference this last Tuesday and Elder Mansfield, a former English missionary that was switched to Spanish speaking gave the scripture thought about how at the beginning of the Book of Mormon
one of the main reasons that the Lord had them go back a few times, instead of getting it all done before they left is that the Lord needed them to face trials so they could become what he needed them to become and for them to learn.  I mean Nephi learned a lot, especially when the spirit tells him to kill Laban.  The same thing can
be seen in  Ether 6:1-12 if you see the boats representing us.

5 "And it came to pass that the Lord God caused that there should be a furious wind blow upon the face of the waters, towards the promised land; and thus they were tossed upon the waves of the sea before the wind. 
6 And it came to pass that they were many times buried in the depths of the sea, because of the mountain waves which broke upon them, and also the great and terrible tempests which were caused by the fierceness of the wind."

The winds are the trials and things we face in this life in order to become the promised people.  The people God knows and wants us to become.

Christ's Gospel and church does not care much about the theory of evolution since the gospel is about evolving people into better people.

Have a great week!!
-Elder Enright-

Erin (Oct 17)

Okay, this week I actually have time to write a decent email! Yay!

This was pretty crazy. We found 32 new investigators. 32! I kept thinking all week about my brothers email a few weeks ago about how they had finally found new investigators and how hard it is in California to find them. It´s interesting how completely different missions can be. Here we are not allowed to knock on a bunch of doors (tracting? I think that´s what it´s called). Here we contact in the streets. Unlike in the states, there are people everywhere here, walking around, selling things, playing with their kids in the park (okay the last one can be found in the states, but I feel like here in Mexico it happens more often). So yeah, we literally just walk up to people and start talking to them. At this point I´m pretty used to it. At first it was really weird, and then there was the whole standing up and talking to an entire bus full of people. And the surprising part is most of the time people are willing to listen to us, so we´ll just teach them right there in the street.

The hard part with our investigators is getting them to go to church. The chapel is not in Nana, it´s in Calpulalpan, about 40 minutes drive in combi. And yeah, we can´t pass by for 4 different families and then herd them like sheep to the combis, though, hey, if I could I would totally do that.  We´re working on getting the members to help us with lessons and getting investigators to church. Remember conference? Where there were like 2 or 3 talks directed specifically towards members and how they should be helping with missionary work? yeah, I plan on using those talks to guilt trip members into working with us, haha. But really, when you guys can help missionaries, help them, because investigators need friends who will be around longer than the missionaries. 

 Other than that slight problem of no progressing investigators, we mostly enjoy our time here in Nana. We found a clothes shop here that is basically goodwill, which is awesome because that means cheap new clothes and I am deathly bored of some the clothes I have. Especially considering none of it is warm clothes, and surprise, it gets super cold here in Mexico, who knew? What else....I love the members here. they are a lot fun. Especially the bishop´s family. We have lunch with members in his family 3 times a weeks and on Sundays they all eat together, so we end up eating with the whole family at their huge awesome table, which my family definitely needs. We´re working with one family of less actives who are awesome (they just don´t go to church all the time, but hey, step by step). We went over a few days ago to find a new puppy in their house and is the CUTEST THING EVER! And clean too, which is rare here, ha. I´ll attach a picture so you guys can adore him too!

Let´s see...slowly getting more tan...learning new Spanish words, practically every day, because guess what? In Spanish a single thing can have like 4 or 5 different words which all mean this thing. Yay. And then, depending on where a person lives, they can have a completely different word for it. But, hey, I love learning. 

Okay, so one of my favorite things here is the teenage guys that say random things in English when we walk by. Usually it´s "Hi", or sometimes it´s "good night" (at the wrong time of day I might add) or "see you later". it just cracks me up. I´m literally the only white person here, so people notice. But anywho, the other night we passed these two kids and they were all like "see you later" and then started giggling because they are oh so funny. So, yeah, I turned back around contacted them both and we taught them and then the next day went to visit one of them and ended up teaching his whole family. Booyah. 

Okay, love you all. I can´t believe that in a year I won´t be on the mission, but back at home. I strive constantly to do and be my best here, because this is my one chance to serve my mission. I can change completely if I let myself and I can honestly already see changes. This is the power of the gospel. When we sacrifice our time for the Lord, to teach and serve others, the Lord will change us into something better. I honestly can not figure out how it works, but I love it. I love serving others. I love teaching the gospel and watching it change lives. I love the people here in Mexico with all my heart. I honestly don´t know what I´m going to do when it is time to go home. These people are wonderful. This culture is incredible and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be here. 

Okay, bye for now!

Oh, pictures, of cute puppy. Again, SO CUTE.