Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Job Offer at Wendy's (Jan 25, 2016)

Just to clarify.   I got a job offer at a Wendy's, but not at Wendy's. That is for later.

Anyway, the missionary broadcast was awesome.  We saw it at the Redlands building right next to the temple, it is really right next to the temple.  We did however get there slightly late because we missed
the turn off the freeway.  However, we did not miss any of the broadcast because we were supposed to be there before it started anyway.   Anyway, I thought the best was Elder Bednar.  More than half my notes were of Bednar's talk.   We also were able to watch the face2face the next day during our dinner break.  That was also really good.  

Currently we have been trying to locate all the less active members in our area.  We have mostly been getting negative responses, but we did get one positive response.  This happened out in white water we were trying all the potential, former and less actives that were on our i pads.   It was literally the last
house before we left.  The guy opened the door, immediately recognized us, and let us in.  He then sat us down and immediately   Also yesterday we went up in the mountains to find a few less actives.
However, we surrendered  after we got to a road that was impossible for us to travel on.  The area was deep backwoods territory. The two places we did find were either an impossible fortress, or not interested at all.  

Anyway the job offer happened Wednesday night.  We were walking into Wendy's with money from member who gave us money for dinner that night since he was in a Book of Mormon class.  We said hey to a guy that was getting out of his car.  We went up to the counter and Elder Franz ordered when the guy came and threw his card on the cornersaying he, a member, was paying for us.   We started talking and he told us about his is own business and he gave us both his card and told  us to contact him after our missions. That was just really cool.  And we were able to use the money we were going to
use for dinner for laundry.  

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