Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back to Banning (Jan 11, 2016)

I am now back in Banning.  I was transferred Wednesday with Elder Cook.  He is in the same ward, but we switched companions with the Elders that were already there. We found out Tuesday, the day before, after zone meeting.   A member took us out to eat for lunch after we told her that we were both leaving.  I am now in a two man apartment, the first one that I was in on my mission, with Elder Franz from Idaho.   He is one transfer senior to me and is the district leader. We take below the freeway along with White water and the bench, the big houses along all the major hills to the north of Banning. It is split this way because Elder Cook and his companion are on bikes while we are in the truck.  All the investigators that we currently have are different from the ones I had.  The most in interesting one is Jacob who is actually a less active,  we met with him yesterday.
He is 19 and was hiking around the eastern United States while I was here before, which is why I did not meet him.  He has been back here for the last two months.  

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