Friday, February 19, 2016

Baptism by fire in a hot baptismal font. (Feb 1, 2016)

Yes, we had a baptism!   We had it on Saturday and that is where part of the title comes in.   Jim, who is in the picture,  is an investigator from the north side of the ward.   Elder Van Dyke started teaching him right after I left Banning with Elder Mansfield, who Elder Van Dyke trained.   Then when I got here the ward was split and Jim was taught by Elder Mansfield and Elder Cook.  I hardly met the guy.  Anyway, the baptism started and was going really well except for  a bit of a laughing moment when there was confusion as to which Brother Patterson
was giving the talk and which was performing the baptism.  Anyway, the time came for the actual ordinance to be preformed.   The curtain was opened and the glass was covered in steam.  Then Jim put his foot in and felt the heat.  After a quick check by Brother Patterson who concluded that it indeed was way to hot, It was decided that the cold water was to be turned on and some ice thrown in.  While we waited for it to cool down a few people bore their testimonies. Then we did the baptism.  Afterwards, Jim told us that it felt 3 three times hotter than a hot tub would normally be and that you could have easily boiled some eggs in the water.  That was a laugh, and
it happened because it is usual for the missionaries to just use the hot water because then it would not be so cold.   However, the banning building's baptismal font's heating thing worked really well.

       Anyway we got a new investigator this week! A really good one too!   On Monday, last week, we went over to a member's house in Whitewater because she called us Sunday and told us her neighbor might be interested in being baptized.  She gave us her number and we had been calling her, but since she did not recognize our phone number she never picked up.  Anyway, we went over to the member's house and the member called her for us.  The member had previously told us that the neighbor, Cathy, would not answer the door unless she knew who it was and was expecting them.  So we went over and got the member to call her.   She called her twice, no answer. Later, after we talked with the family a bit, Cathy called back.  So we started talking to her over the member's phone.  This is when she told us that she wanted to be baptized.  So we set up a lesson the next day.  We had the Bishop with us for that lesson,  a really good bishop too,  when we taught the restoration and got her on date for baptism.   And the best part is that later in the week, Friday, while we giving service at the soup kitchen, we got a text from her asking what time her baptism would be since she wanted to invite a Friend, the neighbor member, to her baptism, which is set for March 5.   However, she was not able to make it to church because the wind blew her fence over and her new dog would run away if she left it.   So she did miss my talk.  In case I forgot to mention I had a Talk about teaching with the power and authority of God.  

Also, I must already be acclimating since it is getting really cold and wet.  But, yesterday I got a coat out of the closet that was basically a wearable fluffy pillow.     


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