Friday, February 19, 2016

Elder Hamula (Feb 8, 2016)

We had a three hour long conference with a member of the seventy Saturday.  It was great and made me really look at what I was doing as a missionary and how I could improve.  The main things I am working on are trying to be even more Christlike and allowing the Spirit to be ever present in my life.  This mission has helped me grow and appreciate things all around and really appreciate that this Church really has all the answers.   Also, we are each entitled to revelation for ourselves based on our worthiness and our ability to ask.   That was one of the topics covered in the meeting Saturday.  Nearly all of the revelations given to Joseph Smith were because he was asking questions.   This is a faith that not only allows us to ask questions, but wants us to ask questions.   The phrase "ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you" is repeated so often in the scriptures because it is true.   I have had so many questions answered or issues resolved because I asked.   Even before my mission I would pray that I would know which is the correct answer on a test and I would do the right one in the end.   The problem is that it is so hard to know if I have just got a spiritual impression or if it was one of my own thoughts. In that case I always think back to the Bednar's Mormon messages, I believe they are called "discerning light",.  

Now I have been thinking about how much of self centered lazy old fart I was back home. When I get back home, I am going to work to always being up before 7 and really working on my math and playing the piano.   I really regret not learning the piano.   Also, I watched the video that the sisters showed you, "Come What May and Love It", and it is  a really good video with a great message.  Do the missionaries there have iPads? 

This last week we have had a few a things happen.   The first great thing is that Marie did the baptism interview Sunday and passed.  One of the zone leaders did it and it took a really long time.  It was about forty minutes, because she really likes to talk. Also, the Banning ward bishopric changed completely this last Sunday. Nearly two whole middle row benches were taken up by the new bishop's family and friends.  So we knew something was up. Also, during the Super Bowl it is pretty hard to find and teach.   Nearly every single one of our investigators were unavailable,  one replied to a message of ours asking if we could teach them a lesson saying  "No cause Super Bowl".  From what I heard it was the Broncos who won, right? Against someone who has never once won the Super Bowl at all right?  Also, I think we might be going bowling later today.

I almost forgot, we had shower fixed today.  The water heater broke.   And the one they replaced it with had a water pressure problem.  The first night, before they fixed the problem it was making a ton of noise.   Like the apartment had a ghost in it.  Also, the shower was completely redone, because the downstairs person thought it was our shower that was causing water to go into their ceiling.  It turned out that it was not our shower that was causing the problem but now we got a nice shower with a cool wolf curtain that we got today. While they were fixing it, we had been using the shower in the other apartment that is currently empty, but is still owned by the church.  It was the sisters' apartment, but is empty this transfer.  They had a really good shower.  If we did not
have such a good shower now that they fixed it, I would have been perfectly fine walking over there to use the shower every morning.

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