Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy birthday Noah and happy new year! (Dec 28, 2015)

Yes I just saw you, but I have a ton of stuff to report.  One thing is more about the woman I told you about on Christmas.  We had gone to a youth activity because it was the Christmas party so there should have been converts there.  But since there were none we could see, we started to organize our area.  That is when one of the bishop's counselors found us and had us help give a woman a blessing.  She was playing the piano when she started feeling light headed.   After the blessing an ambulance was called and she went off to the hospital.  She is, to my knowledge, fine now.

We also had been organizing our area because we had just taken over the area the day before.   We had heard that we might be becoming the only missionaries in the ward since Wednesday, but we only knew for sure Monday and then the other elders left Tuesday morning.  That is when we got the car and were able to go over our area and put people into sections. 

Tuesday night we got a member to go to a lesson with an investigator who was our only progressing investigator at the time, but he dropped us that night.   However, we then went to a referral who we taught a lesson to and then got on date for baptism. She then went to church.  

 For New Year's Day our mission president is giving us the option to stay in and read the whole Book of Mormon cover to cover within a twenty-four hour period.  There is an option just to make it an ordinary day like any other day and not do the challenge.  However, I am going to take up the challenge. Anyone want to do it with me? We go in at 6:30 pm New Year's Eve do daily planning and then start reading.  And you must be done by the time started on the following day.  You also must be sitting and no lying down.

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