Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day (February 15, 2016)

Thanks for the package it was both unexpected and pretty much gone after 24 hours.  The nobakes were gone before that night. And the dove chocolates were by the next evening.    We also had a baptism this Saturday.  It was for Marie.  We are going to have Brother Hubbard confirm this upcoming Sunday because he was one of the ones that first taught her ten years ago.   It went really well except for the two mistakes we found in the program. It said it was January 13th and her last name was spelled wrong.  Also, we found later that the baptism suit that she was wearing turned pink because of her hair dye. However, they did manage to fix it. 

Also funny story, we had an appointment in Sun lakes, a retired community. We went and parked at the corner house and walked up to the house.  It looked a bit off and I asked Elder Franz of this was the right house and he said yeah and that we were late.   In short it was the wrong house.  The guy opened the door and recognized what we were and Invited us in.  He gave us each twenty bucks for lunch and then gave us his life story.   He was in the army, was frank Sinatra's bodyguard, and was almost baptized awhile ago, but didn't. Now he lives there all alone, which is why we were there so long. We were there for forty-five minutes until we managed to get his name and number and left for the correct house, we were really late for the appointment, but they thought nothing of it.   

Also, Saturday night we got a bomb lesson.   It was with a family that we have been trying for weeks trying to get in to see, but the dad was always gone.   That night we taught the restoration and answered a lot of their really good questions. The family now has two copies of the Book of Mormon, five restoration, and one plan of salvation pamphlets.  They also know about   We are going to meet with them next Sunday since the dad, Ian, is away all week. Also, the two people in the picture are the belchers.  Brother Belcher is recent convert off a few years, 2-3, and is the high priest group leader for the ward.  Also, transfers are this week.  We find out Tuesday. 

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