Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The goblin prince died! Snape too! How? (January 18, 2016)

This week has gone by pretty fast except for Thursday.  Wednesday we did weekly planning since Elder Franz was going to go to a meeting Thursday and we did not get the memo to do weekly planning on Friday.  I also fasted that day. Bad Idea.   That night Sister Diaz fed us homemade tacos, really really greasy good tacos.  We were both feeling a bit unwell afterwards, but we moved on. That night we had an awesome lesson with a less active sister who is working on getting to the temple.  We brought with us a less active brother who also wanted to work toward the temple.   We got them both committed to come to church Sunday.   Sister Baker, the returning less active sister, even offered to pick up Brother Brush, the less active Brother, Sunday morning to go to church.   We then finished our day.

That night I was up for a few hours being sick.   So when morning came I had a lot less sleep than normal and was feeling very sick to my stomach.   So instead of biking with Elder Cook while Elder Franz was at the meeting in his area he come to our apartment while I was rehabilitating.  We then tried a few houses using the truck after
I was feeling better. 

Also, this last Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Whitlock, a zone leader, and biked in his area.   He is Spanish speaking so for the two lessons that we had that day I was just sitting next to him while he was talking away in Spanish.  I did not fall asleep doing either of the lessons, which seems to be common when English missionaries go into Spanish land. However, Elder Whitlock did!  It was only for about five seconds and I did not even notice.   The less active member, an older sister, did and woke him thinking it was funny.  I did not even notice until after since she was speaking in Spanish.   Also, that day I realized the main reasons that I would want to live in California later.  If I do the reasons would be: the beach, Disneyland, the lemon and orange trees.  While we were walking that Friday, we went up and picked an orange each.  We were told we could and that orange was sooooo good.

Also, funny story.   One of the members in our ward was a missionary in this area  a while ago and he moved here.  Apparently one time when he and his companion were showing a video to investigating couple both the missionaries AND the investigators fell asleep during the lesson. 

Sounds like classes started at ppcc today, ha ha! Oops. Sorry, I actually kind of miss it, a few parts of it any way.   It sounds like you guys have some interesting classes.   Keep up the good work!

That's all folks

Elder Franz, me, Elder Wilson, Elder Miles,
Elder Mansfield, Elder Cook

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