Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zone Conference (Feb 29)

This past week we had zone conference.  It was on Friday and we talked all about working with members and it was from 9-3.  Even though that might seem like a long time to you it seemed really short.  So this Monday, we worked on that and this last Sunday we met with our new Bishop about how we could work with the ward to move missionary Work forward.  

We have been working with one of the bishop's neighbors who is investigating and was taught by the sisters a while ago.  But they only got one lesson in, the Restoration.  We did service for them yesterday.  Hope the move goes around his foot yacht because he is trying to lay cement we were making the dirt all evened. (We think this sentence really says: "Helping them move something around his front yard because he is trying to lay cement, we were making the dirt all even....)  We also gave service to one of the widows in our ward helping the men in the ward put a panel in the ceiling of an old trailer where the ceiling panels needed to be fixed due to water damage.  So we did service on Saturday and were unable to teach even one lesson then, we are also helping the
bishop's neighbors, Caesar and Rosa,  again Tuesday and will be trying to have a lesson with them this weekend.  He is also interested in finding ways to help his children grow up and be functional adults. We will be juicing (introducingthem to the Strength of Youth pamphlet sometime this week.   We are also having dinner at the bishop's house tonight and Caesar and his family were invited so we might be able to teach a lesson to them

We also have this potential investigator named Monica that we have been trying to contact and have a lesson with for days now and we still have not been able to meet with her.  We were going to have a Skype lesson at our ward mission leader's house, but she was unable to do it because apparently she was at the dentists and they took longer than she thought so we spent an hour waiting for her to call us doing emails and planning and such till we gave up and went and did service.

We also had a lesson with our recent convert, Marie doing the recent conflict (convert) lessons with her starting at the restoration. We have stake conference next week and we will be taking Marie and Cathy there
and doing a tour of the temple since it is right next to where we will be having stake conference.  

That is what happened this week.  Have a great week.
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