Friday, April 29, 2016

CCM Week 2 (Erin)

Ryland is going to VIETNAM!!!!? That´s incredibly awesome. Make sure you tell him congrats for me. (a family friend just got his mission call to Vietnam) Liam, I hope you ate doughnuts for me at the Honda place. The doughnuts here are possibly even worse than the ones there.

This week has been rough. Yesterday I had to drag my companions with me to the bathroom so I could lock myself in a stall for a few minutes to calm down. YIKES, I was definitely a mess, but after some tears and chocolate I was good to go. One of the Elders in my district, Elder Pedro, was lifting weights the other day when he dropped the huge weight on his hand and it cut right down his finger. He ended up needing 6 or 7 stitches and it´s been a in a tiny little weird cast thing most of the week. We get about 45 minutes of gym time every day. Most of the time we end up playing volleyball. I´d like to say after 2 weeks of playing every day, we´re getting better, but that would probably be lying. 

Learning the language is, well, going. I´m not where I want to be, but it´s getting easier. We´ve learned some fun phrases that we use as a district as often as possible. One of our teachers always tells us that learning something is muy facile, which means really easy. So, we use that a lot and also oh mi buenoness, which does't really mean anything, but I use for Oh my goodness. It´s ridiculously fun to say. 

Yesterday when we were eating breakfast, one of the hermanas in my district tried to make toast, but people keep switching the knobs, so she almost started a fire and her toast ended up super black. 

Last night we had a broadcasted devotional from Provo with Elder Dallin H. Oaks. It was amazing! He tuaght mostly from Preach My Gospel and I realized I need to study it way more. 

Okay, time to go. Here´s some pictures, love you all! 

 My companions and I! (Hermanas Eastman and Sullivan)

 Hermana Jefferies, me, Hermana Hawkins.
  Hermana Jefferies and I

 Mexico City Temple!!

 Really bad photo of my district at the temple. Seriously, no one is looking at the camera.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Exchanges for baptism (Amik)

The stake had a helping hands activity on Saturday. So we painted a metal fence going around a park.  The picture (below) was taken about two and a half hours in when they decided to get all the missionaries rounded up and have them go paint the pool wall.

The possum was seen when we were going around looking though the potential investigators that looked profitable.   When we were walking back one of the neighbors told us to "watch out for that possum." It was just a few feet In front of us being completely still.

Anyway, during the Saturday Helping Hands activity, Melissa, the new investigator, came with Aaron, the rm classmate, and helped do the service for all four hours and then we had a lesson afterwards covering the Plan of Salvation.  We gave her the tithing pamphlet, since she wanted it.  However,  Aaron, has already taught her a lot. She had already gone over the Plan of Salvation and had done all the additional study in the back of it before SaturdayShe also has officially started to read the Book of Mormon Friday night, but has been reading sections of it already as well as the pamphlets and has watched the movie "How rare a possession".  Anyway
she is doing great.  Yesterday she went to the YSA ward since Aaron had a talk.  So she is already one of our most progressing investigators.  

Also, later on that Saturday  Elder Welker went up to the Bloomington ward for a baptism.  He served in the north area of the ward, while I served in the south.  While he was gone I went on team ups with an eighteen year old young man from the ward named Kasden.   He is going to start his mission papers soon and wants to leave by the end of the year.  We went to teach an investigator named Cynthia.  We read 3 Nephi 19 with her , since that is where she was at and committed her to baptism. She is reading the Book of Mormon day and night, but hasn't been able to come to church since she has been asleep when ever her ride shows up.   Also, Sunday night we went had another young man come out with us and we went to teach another investigator.  It went well.  We read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about the importance given to the things that Jesus talks about with the order of the topics showing the importance.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 1 CCM (Erin)

Finally! It only took me about an hour and a half to find a working computer! This might be short, since I still have to do laundry and go to the store here. 

Guys, THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Mexico is so colorful, it´s absolutely beautiful! My favorite view is walking down one of the streets at night that is lined with these trees with purple flowers. At the end you can see this huge hill with all these houses and their lights shine through the trees. It´s pretty much a fairy wonderland.  The CCM has also been incredible so far. Did I tell you that I´m in a trio? Well, I am. My companions are Hermana Eastman and Hermana Sullivan, both from Oklahoma. All three of us are going to Puebla, which is crazy awesome. Our district is the largest one here right now. There are only a little over a hundred missionaries at the CCM, though they told us they expect over 700 in the summer. Our district is made up of 4 elders and 7 sisters. We´re already pretty close, but that happens when you are all pretty much stuck together 24/7. 

I cannot express how much I love it here. The food is almost always awesome, if not a little bit odd. They always have random drinks, which I am sure are completely full of sugar. Horchata is by far my favorite though. I LOVE ESPAƑOL! It is frustrating to no end sometimes, but I absolutely love learning it. We had an amazing teacher our first few days for the language, but he left on Monday. He was hilarious. About 2 or 3 days in (can you believe I´ve already been here a week??) we started teaching "investigators" as companionships, completely in Spanish. It´s uber difficult, but slowly getting easier to understand the people we are teaching. 

I love the people here too! I love listening to them speak spanish. I have said "Hola!" about a billion times at this point. We went to the temple today and it was so amazing and peaceful and relaxing. 

Okay, I love you all lots. I really have to go wash clothes, so bye for now!
Hermana Enright

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Second week of transfer (Amik)

This has been a great week!  Also, I am going to take a bit  from the last few weeks that I forgot to write about in the last few emails. One of which is that one of my name tags might be in Kentucky.  We helped a family move one day and it was cold and wet because it was snowing, we were in the mountains, kind of.  And while we were moving stuff into the truck, my name tag was  lost.  So it is either somewhere on the ground up there or it was in the truck and is now in Kentucky.  

Also, we were race marshals for an international bike race in Redlands/Yucaipa.   It was great when all the cyclists went past us.  We saw one cyclist pop his tire and then we saw one of the tire crew members go behind him, lift the bike and take the wheel away with one hand and with the other hand put the other wheel in place all in one fluid motion.  

Anyway, this Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Yuan. One of the elders that was in my MTC district eight months ago and we went to the church building to have a lesson with an investigator at the church.  We picked up our member present and then arrived.  Which is when we noticed that a baptism for a child of record was occurring. So we got our investigator to a surprise baptism and then had the Word of Wisdom lesson. During the exchange, Elder Yuan got three aggressive drivings just by doing normal driving (they have a monitor on the mission cars that records how they are driving.... not always accurately).  Then when we told the vehicle coordinators the problem they had us switch cars.   

Also while we were gone Elder Welker got a call from a member done in Hemet who was a returned missionary.   One of his classmates asked him if he was a Christian.  So he taught her the restoration and she was coming to our ward the next day since she was in our area.  So he brought to our sacrament meeting Sunday.  We had ward conference that day too, we then had a lesson after church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Melissa (the classmate), Aaron (the returned missionary) and our ward mission leader.  During the lesson she agreed to a baptism invite, no date yet.   And we are going to meet with her again after the stake service project next weekend, which she is going to participate in.   Now this has made me really want to do a lot of missionary work when I get home.  It also made me want to have done missionary before I left.

Today I don't know why, but after we spent some time cleaning the apartment we got a call from a member and told us to go meet her at our apartment because she bought some food for us.   Apparently, she thought we were starving and so went on a shopping spree for us.

 This was the address of an in active

that we were going to check in on.   It was a surprise for us.

Erin's email from the CCM, Wed April 13


So, turns out P-day is on wednesday!
My flights went great. Also, the whole "you´ll totally meet other missionaries" did NOT happen. I got to the Houston airport with about 2 and half hours to spare, so I hung out and finished the Book of Mormon. The fire alarms went off too for a while, but no one seemed worried and they told everyone not panic . Eventually it just stopped. So, that was exciting. I got to Mexico around 5 and after going through immigration and customs (seriously were not as big of a deal as I thought they were going to be) I waited past security for a good 20 minutes kind of a little panicked because NO one was there with a huge MTC sign and there were no other missionaries. Eventually someone showed up and I took a super awkward hour drive to the MTC which is GORGEOUS! There are trees everywhere with purple flowers that are beautiful. I dropped my luggage off, they shoved an envelope in my hand and then ran me over to the cafeteria to eat because all the other new missionaries were already there. I also missed orientation, so I´m a little lost. But I´m safe, in a trio with two other sisters both going to Puebla. I went to the nurses and double checked that I had all my immunizations and now I'm emailing!! It's been crazy and a little weird, but I love it here so far. It´s pretty humid, which I'm not used to.  Everyone is super friendly here. I will be in a little branch and I have already been asked to play the piano, haha. I told them I would if they really really needed someone. Oh and what is the deal with converse shoes here? Someone look it up because they are spray painted on so many walls in the city. It is also way colorful here and I just love it. 

I love you guys lots!! 
I have to go get measured and weighed and go get books.

April 13 2016, Sending Erin Off

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Big changes and Happy Birthday Liam! (Amik)

I have been transferred to Oak Valley.   The same place that I went during my first transfer when I got put in my first trio.   I am with Elder Welker who I actually met beforehand during my second transfer and he is actually the Elder I have been playing chess with for the last few p-days.  I am also now driving in a small red Toyota.  Apparently Elder Welker did not have enough driving experience before the mission.   Anyway, I have been getting to know this area and a few of the in-actives, part-member families and the investigators.  It has been great.   Also, I got ice cream today to celebrate Liam's birthday.  Also, one of the less actives in the Banning ward came here.  He, Jacob, moved in with his grandmother and is helping around with the house and stuff.   So I kind of followed him into the ward.  He is also now thinking of doing a mission.   Liam I hope you have a great birthday and Erin I hope you enjoy your mission.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Pepboys, fancy resturants, and primary (March 21)

This week has gone by really fast and interestingly.  We have been going out with a lot of intent on finding since we got the Hallelujah message and since we really have no other progressing investigators.   We have one guy that could be baptized this Saturday if he would just say he wanted to.   He knows the church is true and
all that jazz, but it will just come in time.   He says that he does want to be baptized before he dies just not at this moment.   We have been working with him and trying to make sure that he reads daily and that he comes to church for all three hours and that we get members for every lesson.

 Also, the pep boys thing was that we went to pep boys in Yucaipa for an oil change.  And the package that the church has with the company also includes a systems check and tire rotation.   And when they were rotating the tires the bolt things on the back driver's side tire broke and they could not loose them or tighten them so we had to get a ride from the Beaumont Elders and we had to use their car for the rest of the day and the next day.  Then Friday night after all that we met Mike and Peggy.   

Elder Franz met them back in December at the store for about forty five seconds and started a conversation, a really short one,  by saying "buying dog food huh?" Apparently their son had a friend who went on a mission about ten years ago. Besides that we are missionaries they know nothing about our church. They are also devout Catholics, actually devout Catholics who go every Sunday.  We have been calling them for weeks now and they only just answered two weeks ago.   We set up a lesson for Friday and they asked if they could take us out to eat when we checked if we were still good to have a lesson.  They said back in December that they would take us out to eat, but that was months ago but they still remembered. They then took us to the fanciest restaurant and it was Italian too so I had lasagna while the other two had steak.    

Also, this last Sunday was ward conference and they put us  in the primary.   I was in charge of two boys, the former bishop's son,  and then one of the current bishop's sons.   They are both like little Ronans and I was having a lot of fun.  

Good day!

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Happy birthday Dad! (March 14)

Sounds like you really had the celebration after your birthday on Friday by going to the zoo too!  I miss the zoo and the snow.  Do you guys still have snow or is it mostly gone now?  This week we got to go to the temple, we had zone meeting and interviews, and a baptism.   

The temple trip was great and we were in the celestial room for a while after the session.  I brought my  Patriarchal blessing in and some parts just really hit me made feel really good.  I also was able to look though the letters at the end of the New Testament and some really good things stuck out to me.   I recently just started  going though the New Testament now that it is Easter and it just really makes what Christ did for us really significant.  The new video for the Easter holiday, Hallelujah, just came out on Sunday and we are now going to be spreading the message everywhere. 

 Also Cathy was baptized this last Saturday.  And I don't know if I told the story about how she was found, but I will say it now.   We had just finished teaching a lesson with Marie, who was baptized on February 13th, and on the way home Elder Franz saw that we had missed a call from a sister in our ward that lived in Whitewater.  So we called her and were told that her neighbor wanted to have missionary lessons. Also, that this was told to a few missionaries before, maybe, but they never got in contact with her. So the next day we went up to whitewater and knocked on Cathy's door, but there was no answer.   We also called, but again there was no answer. So we walked across the street to the Rendon's and got in and talked with them.  Sister Rendon then called Cathy and she answered, since she recognized the number. So she started talking to Elder Franz and on the phone she said that she wanted to be baptized.  So we scheduled a lesson for the next night. At that lesson we had Bishop Headley, who has since been released,  with us and we were able to get her on date.   We had the baptism on Saturday and her confirmation yesterday.   Also, she was almost late to that due to daylight savings time and such, but she made it.  Brother Headley is the one who baptized her.  Also, the Rendon's oldest son is about to go on his mission to Florida, he reports this Wednesday to the MTC.  It is really weird to think that I have already almost been out for seven months.   Have a great time!