Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Big changes and Happy Birthday Liam! (Amik)

I have been transferred to Oak Valley.   The same place that I went during my first transfer when I got put in my first trio.   I am with Elder Welker who I actually met beforehand during my second transfer and he is actually the Elder I have been playing chess with for the last few p-days.  I am also now driving in a small red Toyota.  Apparently Elder Welker did not have enough driving experience before the mission.   Anyway, I have been getting to know this area and a few of the in-actives, part-member families and the investigators.  It has been great.   Also, I got ice cream today to celebrate Liam's birthday.  Also, one of the less actives in the Banning ward came here.  He, Jacob, moved in with his grandmother and is helping around with the house and stuff.   So I kind of followed him into the ward.  He is also now thinking of doing a mission.   Liam I hope you have a great birthday and Erin I hope you enjoy your mission.

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