Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Erin's email from the CCM, Wed April 13


So, turns out P-day is on wednesday!
My flights went great. Also, the whole "you´ll totally meet other missionaries" did NOT happen. I got to the Houston airport with about 2 and half hours to spare, so I hung out and finished the Book of Mormon. The fire alarms went off too for a while, but no one seemed worried and they told everyone not panic . Eventually it just stopped. So, that was exciting. I got to Mexico around 5 and after going through immigration and customs (seriously were not as big of a deal as I thought they were going to be) I waited past security for a good 20 minutes kind of a little panicked because NO one was there with a huge MTC sign and there were no other missionaries. Eventually someone showed up and I took a super awkward hour drive to the MTC which is GORGEOUS! There are trees everywhere with purple flowers that are beautiful. I dropped my luggage off, they shoved an envelope in my hand and then ran me over to the cafeteria to eat because all the other new missionaries were already there. I also missed orientation, so I´m a little lost. But I´m safe, in a trio with two other sisters both going to Puebla. I went to the nurses and double checked that I had all my immunizations and now I'm emailing!! It's been crazy and a little weird, but I love it here so far. It´s pretty humid, which I'm not used to.  Everyone is super friendly here. I will be in a little branch and I have already been asked to play the piano, haha. I told them I would if they really really needed someone. Oh and what is the deal with converse shoes here? Someone look it up because they are spray painted on so many walls in the city. It is also way colorful here and I just love it. 

I love you guys lots!! 
I have to go get measured and weighed and go get books.

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