Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy birthday Dad! (March 14)

Sounds like you really had the celebration after your birthday on Friday by going to the zoo too!  I miss the zoo and the snow.  Do you guys still have snow or is it mostly gone now?  This week we got to go to the temple, we had zone meeting and interviews, and a baptism.   

The temple trip was great and we were in the celestial room for a while after the session.  I brought my  Patriarchal blessing in and some parts just really hit me made feel really good.  I also was able to look though the letters at the end of the New Testament and some really good things stuck out to me.   I recently just started  going though the New Testament now that it is Easter and it just really makes what Christ did for us really significant.  The new video for the Easter holiday, Hallelujah, just came out on Sunday and we are now going to be spreading the message everywhere. 

 Also Cathy was baptized this last Saturday.  And I don't know if I told the story about how she was found, but I will say it now.   We had just finished teaching a lesson with Marie, who was baptized on February 13th, and on the way home Elder Franz saw that we had missed a call from a sister in our ward that lived in Whitewater.  So we called her and were told that her neighbor wanted to have missionary lessons. Also, that this was told to a few missionaries before, maybe, but they never got in contact with her. So the next day we went up to whitewater and knocked on Cathy's door, but there was no answer.   We also called, but again there was no answer. So we walked across the street to the Rendon's and got in and talked with them.  Sister Rendon then called Cathy and she answered, since she recognized the number. So she started talking to Elder Franz and on the phone she said that she wanted to be baptized.  So we scheduled a lesson for the next night. At that lesson we had Bishop Headley, who has since been released,  with us and we were able to get her on date.   We had the baptism on Saturday and her confirmation yesterday.   Also, she was almost late to that due to daylight savings time and such, but she made it.  Brother Headley is the one who baptized her.  Also, the Rendon's oldest son is about to go on his mission to Florida, he reports this Wednesday to the MTC.  It is really weird to think that I have already almost been out for seven months.   Have a great time!

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