Monday, April 4, 2016

Pepboys, fancy resturants, and primary (March 21)

This week has gone by really fast and interestingly.  We have been going out with a lot of intent on finding since we got the Hallelujah message and since we really have no other progressing investigators.   We have one guy that could be baptized this Saturday if he would just say he wanted to.   He knows the church is true and
all that jazz, but it will just come in time.   He says that he does want to be baptized before he dies just not at this moment.   We have been working with him and trying to make sure that he reads daily and that he comes to church for all three hours and that we get members for every lesson.

 Also, the pep boys thing was that we went to pep boys in Yucaipa for an oil change.  And the package that the church has with the company also includes a systems check and tire rotation.   And when they were rotating the tires the bolt things on the back driver's side tire broke and they could not loose them or tighten them so we had to get a ride from the Beaumont Elders and we had to use their car for the rest of the day and the next day.  Then Friday night after all that we met Mike and Peggy.   

Elder Franz met them back in December at the store for about forty five seconds and started a conversation, a really short one,  by saying "buying dog food huh?" Apparently their son had a friend who went on a mission about ten years ago. Besides that we are missionaries they know nothing about our church. They are also devout Catholics, actually devout Catholics who go every Sunday.  We have been calling them for weeks now and they only just answered two weeks ago.   We set up a lesson for Friday and they asked if they could take us out to eat when we checked if we were still good to have a lesson.  They said back in December that they would take us out to eat, but that was months ago but they still remembered. They then took us to the fanciest restaurant and it was Italian too so I had lasagna while the other two had steak.    

Also, this last Sunday was ward conference and they put us  in the primary.   I was in charge of two boys, the former bishop's son,  and then one of the current bishop's sons.   They are both like little Ronans and I was having a lot of fun.  

Good day!

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