Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Second week of transfer (Amik)

This has been a great week!  Also, I am going to take a bit  from the last few weeks that I forgot to write about in the last few emails. One of which is that one of my name tags might be in Kentucky.  We helped a family move one day and it was cold and wet because it was snowing, we were in the mountains, kind of.  And while we were moving stuff into the truck, my name tag was  lost.  So it is either somewhere on the ground up there or it was in the truck and is now in Kentucky.  

Also, we were race marshals for an international bike race in Redlands/Yucaipa.   It was great when all the cyclists went past us.  We saw one cyclist pop his tire and then we saw one of the tire crew members go behind him, lift the bike and take the wheel away with one hand and with the other hand put the other wheel in place all in one fluid motion.  

Anyway, this Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Yuan. One of the elders that was in my MTC district eight months ago and we went to the church building to have a lesson with an investigator at the church.  We picked up our member present and then arrived.  Which is when we noticed that a baptism for a child of record was occurring. So we got our investigator to a surprise baptism and then had the Word of Wisdom lesson. During the exchange, Elder Yuan got three aggressive drivings just by doing normal driving (they have a monitor on the mission cars that records how they are driving.... not always accurately).  Then when we told the vehicle coordinators the problem they had us switch cars.   

Also while we were gone Elder Welker got a call from a member done in Hemet who was a returned missionary.   One of his classmates asked him if he was a Christian.  So he taught her the restoration and she was coming to our ward the next day since she was in our area.  So he brought to our sacrament meeting Sunday.  We had ward conference that day too, we then had a lesson after church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Melissa (the classmate), Aaron (the returned missionary) and our ward mission leader.  During the lesson she agreed to a baptism invite, no date yet.   And we are going to meet with her again after the stake service project next weekend, which she is going to participate in.   Now this has made me really want to do a lot of missionary work when I get home.  It also made me want to have done missionary before I left.

Today I don't know why, but after we spent some time cleaning the apartment we got a call from a member and told us to go meet her at our apartment because she bought some food for us.   Apparently, she thought we were starving and so went on a shopping spree for us.

 This was the address of an in active

that we were going to check in on.   It was a surprise for us.

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