Monday, May 30, 2016

Zone Conference (Amik)

This week we had our last zone conference with Pres. Van Cott.   We get the new mission president, Pres. Dixon, in less then 30 days.  We got the two new pamphlets and and we went over obedience, teaching,
and working with members.   Both Elder Welker and I took a lot of notes and have been working a lot off the notes and applying what we learned to our individual areas.   This fifth Sunday we had a big ward
council about family councils based on Elder Ballalds talk.   One of the things that was decided is that we all need to start reading the Book of Mormon and making a constant study.   Also, last night we had dinner at the Woll's place and during that time Melissa came by.   She was the investigator that we got and taught before referring her over to the YSA ward.  One of the daughters is Melissa's main followshipper and Melissa had come by because she was going to carpool over to a YSA activity.  During dinner we found out that since we started teaching her, she has not missed a day of church.   She is now considering baptism and is right on track.

Elder Enright

Humility, Love, and Hard Work (Erin)

I honestly have no idea where to start! I have so many stories.

My area here in Puebla is Xonacatepec, which is so much fun to say. The members here are AMAZING! So strong and so willing to help. Also, super patient with me and my español. Man, nothing is quite as humbling as having to talk and teach people in a language you can´t speak. I can tell it is getting easier, but so slowly! I have to remind myself to have patience daily! 

My favorite part about this work so far is how important it is to love others. The members, or investigators and it is definitely the ONLY thing I can definitely convey to people right now. Especially since we hug almost every single hermana or hermanita. The kids here are incredible! They are super receptive to the gospel and so friendly. There is one recent convert family here ( I think they were baptized in March) that I absolutely love! The parents are Liliana and Juan Luis. They have two kids, Swami and JuanDiego. JuanDiego is hilarious and always wants to participate in the lessons or say a prayer. Swami is just plain adorable and I love her name. 

Our ward mission leader is Hermano Samuel. He loves his calling and ALWAYS makes sure we are okay. Punctualidad is super important to him and he always tells the story about Abraham and Isaac and asks "What would have happened if the angel had been late? Well, we wouldn´t have the 12 tribes of Isreal!" Haha. Seriously, I´ve heard it about 3 times already. 

One of my favorite things ever that we do as missionaries is teach English class! I did it once last week and it was so rewarding. So many people here are trying to learn English! And so many people in the ward already speak a little. The other day at a lunch appointment, the father of the family welcomed me to his home in English and I almost cried. It was so kind and so many of the people here are always patient with my Español because they are going through the exact same thing with English. I LOVE IT! The other day when we were walking home from the store, this guy stopped us and asked if I spoke English, because it´s super obvious I´m not from around here. So we stopped and talked to him and I got to contact him in English! Goodness it felt nice to know that I can totally handle myself in that situation. The only problem with other times is that I can´t speak Español. 

Contacting is definitely a little different than I thought. We never just go knock on doors. There are so many people out and about during the day, we just talk to them. On Saturday we talked to a guy named Joaquin. I think we stood in the rain for like 45 minutes talking to him about the gospel. He was super interested and asked a lot of questions. In the end we gave him a Book of Mormon, which he was hesitant about taking at first. He asked if we had ever read Harry Potter and we both told him we loved Harry Potter, but the Book of Mormon was better! Haha. 

Okay, one more story. Yesterday was super hard. We had been fasting, so I was super hangry and not happy with how the day was going. Contacting has not been my favorite thing and yesterday we had a meta of contacting 35 people! By 6:30ish we were heading back home so we could finish studying and we only had like 24. BUT, I had eaten and so I felt so much better and figured we could really try to make our meta. We stopped a few couples in the street and then we passed this group of teenagers and one of them shouted at us and said "Hola sisters, my amigas!", so we turned around and we went back to the group and talked to all 11 of them. The kid that had called out to us had met missionaries before and was working on his English, so we invited them all to English class. It was a great experience and not only did we meet our meta, but we were over by 10 people! Heavenly Fahter truly blesses our hard work!

I love it here so much! Some days are super hard, but it is going by so quickly and I pray hard every night to have a better attitude about the work and to love it. 

We had a zone conference the other day and the sisters in the mission will be wearing pants now during proselyting hours because of the mosqitos! CRAZY!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Enright. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Puebla (Erin)

Well, I´m officially in Puebla now!

It stinks like the sewers pretty much everywhere and no one speaks I bit of english. It´s definitely very different even from the CCM. I´m trying to hold it together for now, since I´ve only had like 2 or 3 breakdowns since I got to the CCM and I would really rather increase super drastically. 

Yesterday our distrito had our farewell powerpoint that the CCM does each week for the distritos leaving. They ALWAYS sing "God Be WIth You Till We Meet Again" and it´s siempre every. single. verse! Luckily (tender mercy for sure) the lyrics cut off on the screen after only two verses, so we didn´t have to finish. I could barely make it through those verses without bawling like a baby. Afterwards we had a testimony for solo our distrito. That was a mess. EVERYONE was crying and Elder Pedro sang a verse of "Love at Home" in Tongan (that doesn´t look right..) and it was so amazing!  We did the Haka one last time together for one of the leaders and then that was it. We said goodbye, which by the way is super duper awkward when you can´t hug people! I completely loath it! You just get to stand there and shake their hand for longer than normal. 

When we got back the casa, Hermana Eastman broke the key to her closet, as in half of it stayed IN the key hole! So we had to call maintance and that took forever because they weren´t even in the CCM at, what, 10:30? So we ended up packing till midnight and then we got up at 4:30 and got on a bus which took us to another bus and then we drove through possibly the prettiest hills on earth! It really looked like something right out of Jurassic Park! 

We got to meet our Mission President and his wife and they are both wonderful human beings! We got new companionships and then seperated! My new compañera is Hermana Sanchez and she is already amazing and awesome and helpful and patient and all that good stuff. My house is so teeny tiny and I´m really not sure it would hold up during an earthquake, but whatever. Hermana Sanchez took me shopping and that was quite the experience. It´s about 17.5 pesos to an american dollar, so...yeah. I´m not used to that and it´s super stressful watching that number go above 200 or 300. 

This work is so hard sometimes, but I know without a doubt that it is worth is and someday I will be able to speak Español!
Con amor, Hermana Enright

 CCM District 12A; Elder Pedro, Elder McCurdy (McPollo), Hermana Robinson, Hermana Harned, ME, Hermana Eastman, Hermana Sullivan, Hermana Jefferies, Hermana Hawkins

Results of Transfers (Amik)

Both Elder Welker and I are staying for this next transfer.  This week has been kind of slow besides the results that we both get to stay.  We did have district meeting so they is a district photo of the two old districts that meet in the Banning building.  I forgot to mention last time, but I did get my birthday package the day after my
birthday.  Those are some nice ties.  Who ever bought them has a fine taste in ties.  Also, these last few days we have been trying to find a lot of investigators since our teaching pool is slowly drying up. Of the main things that we have been working on is trying to find people when we walk around parks and stuff, but since it has been kind of cold lately, around 75-ish 😎, nobody is out much.   S we have been going though our potential investigator lists on our iPads and finding that way.

Last Week (Erin)

 So, I just enjoyed my last pizza night and my last devotional and my last time singing with the choir! We sang the EFY medley in Spanish and it was truly wonderful. Even if the Elders had a hard time keeping the lyrics with the notes. AND today is my LAST p-day here! Next week I will be in Puebla!

    My time in the CCM has been so helpful and I´m going to miss it like crazy. I have learned so much in so little time from inspiring teachers who I am so not ready to leave! One of the things we have been working really hard on as a district is keeping up with goals, daily, weekly, and long term. We had to report language goals for the week on Monday. My teacher took one look at my scripture memorization goal (three for the week) and challenged me to memorize 10 scriptures in spanish by the end of the week. I´ve done 4 so far and completely intend to complete the challenge. I really appreciate the faith our teachers have in us because it makes it so much easier to have patience with my self and to work even harder. 

I´ve had so many experiences here that have helped my faith in the power of the Book of Mormon and the power of the Holy Ghost. Last week my companions and I were teaching one of our investigators named Patricia. We were commiting her to baptism, so I was studying the importance of baptism in the scriptures. I wrote a few scriptures down from the Book of Mormon and then we went to teach. Needless to say it was a rough lesson. I shared one of the scriptures I had, but not the other that I think was in 2 Nephi. It talked about how if ye have faith, why not commit to baptism? When we came back from the lesson one of our teachers asked how it went and we told her that Patricia wouldn´t commit to a date because she didn´t feel the need to get baptized now. My teacher pointed to the scriptures she was studying during our lesson and told us that this scripture she was reading was a good response for that kind of lack of commitment. The scripture she was reading was EXACTLY the one I had studied earlier in 2 Nephi. BAM! Pretty much  a slap to the face. Sometimes I worry so much about getting through a lesson, that I forget to love the investigator, to stop and listen to the spirit. It´s definitely a learning process, but I love how even the tiniest bit of desire, faith, and work changes an entire lesson. 

I thought that I had a really good attitude towards life and patience with others as well as myself before I came here, but these past few weeks have really taught me how much I need to grow in those areas. We talked last night as a district about leaving the CCM and how much work it is going to be to learn the language and be fluent, but I know without a doubt that it is completely possible. I think of how much I have already learned in 6 weeks and I am so surprised. Complete fluency is not possible in a month, it takes time to be perfect at something, and even then you are bound to make mistakes. BUT the more mistakes you make, the more you learn and the more you learn the better you are. I´m so excited to be able to speak an entire new language. I cannot express how much my mission testifies to me of the love God has for me. He knows us so well. He knows our desires and he knows our strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I look up at the hills beyond the CCM gates and think "OH YEAH, I´M IN MEXICO!". How wonderful it is to know that there is a divine supreme being who not only knows us, but loves us with a love that we cannot comprehend, and who desires more than anything for our joy and success. All we need to do is turn to him and put our lives in His hands. 

Okay, I love you all more than anything. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life who belive in me and my ability to succeed. 
Bye for now!
Hermana Enright

May 16 (Amik)

This week is transfers.   To celebrate the transfer we went to Wendy's today.  And should be playing a lot of chess later.  Anyway yesterday we went over to visit a inactive member.  This Sunday we taught an awesome first lesson with a referral that we have been trying to meet with, but he and his wife work a lot and are really really busy, but "not to busy for god" has he has said often.  Anyway we had a really awesome lesson on the
restoration and they both committed to read the Book of Mormon.  Also, Jacob, is going to Canada,
not a mission, though.  Also out of time.  Here are a few pictures

Thursday, May 12, 2016

CCM Week 4 (Erin)

Mom, I totally forgot to say Happy Mothers day on Sunday, so yeah....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

I am in the CCM choir here with the rest of my district. We all love to sing! We sang yesterday for devotional. Next week we get to sing the EFY medley, which I love, love, love!!! Singing hymns in Spanish is the absolute best! We sang I Need Thee Every Hour yesterday and it sounded so much more powerful in Spanish. 

Today is my second to last p-day here, how crazy is that! 

For the last two weeks here our district is only supposed to speak in Spanish. We have not been doing so hot, but our teachers have set up a game for us to help. Each day we have to pick a person in the district to be the latino of the day and they are not allowed to speak any english. The teachers have to try and guess who the latino is each day and if they get it wrong we all get chocolate. Monday was my day and it was actually a lot of fun, hard though. The idea is that EVERYONE speaks spanish, so it's hard to pick our the latino, but we are still working on that. 

I love my teachers. I'm older than probably all of them, but they are just amazing. Super entertaining and so helpful with everything. Hermano Gomez and Hermana Guiterrez teach us in the morning. Hermano Gomez is on an online radio show, spanish of course, but he told us he would do a shout out for our district, 12A. Hermano Hernandez and Hermana Montoya teach us after lunch and they are just hilarious. 

    We get new missionaries every tuesday and wednesday. Every week its more and more. They are supposed to have between 600 and 700 missionaries here in the summer! We are the host district so every wednesday we get to show the new missionaries to their casas and welcome them. stuff like that. Its pretty great. 

I spend almost all my time in classrooms studying lessons or language. I base time off of when the next meal is, haha. Ive tried mulitiple times to catch or at the very least pet one of the gorgeous birds here, but no such luck. There are green little parakeets everywhere and I love them to death. 

Okay I honestly can not think of anything else. I will send pictures from last weeks  trip outside the gates to get green cards. Mexico city is amazing!

Love you all!!!!
Hermana Enright

Here is how Hermana Hawkins, Hermana Sullivan, and I briefly celebrated May 4th. 

 Really, really old church that I super wanted to explore, but oh well, this was as close as the car got.

  A random, statue or monument. There is definitely a lion statue at the base, so thats pretty sweet

 I have no idea what this is, but it looked really pretty.

Basically the prettiest museum EVER!

Happy Mother's Day again (Amik)

It was good to see you guys yesterday.  What meeting was Kegan ready to go to? And when is Rhys's interview again?  This last Saturday we had a lesson with Melissa again and taught her the Word of Wisdom like I said.
For fellowship there we had Jacob, the one leaving on a mission next year.  We also had a Sister who returned from her mission a few weeks ago.  She knew Melissa in high school and now, next week, is going to take her to the YSA ward. 

Right now we have been playing chess, like I said yesterday, and we started playing with Jacob after we gave him a blessing.  Also,  we have been able to find a lot of actually good potentials.   So far, in every area I have been, the iPad area book has had a ton of potentials, but they are such bad notes.   Like "nice lady", or "man with cool mustache".  Now I just really need to make sure that I never make such bad notes.   There needs to be a way to make sure no missionaries leave such bad notes.  Also, you have the missionaries that decide to
make a record for every single person who they talk to even if a person says they are not interested. You have other missionaries that never want to delete anything so you have these files with a name and no address, no number, and no background information.   

Alright, got to go,   But GOOD job! On graduating Aislin!  My little sister is all grown up and saving China!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Oh mi buenoness! (Erin)

    I don´t even know where to start! The days and weeks are blending together and I can´t believe I only have two weeks left at the CCM! Our p-day was moved to today (Friday) because all of us who are staying in Mexico had to go get green cards. That was fun! It was basically a slightly friendlier DMV. The best part was watching all the kids running around, because I definitely feel deprived of any social interaction with kids here. There are a few who live on the CCM grounds, but I don´t get to see them often enough. One of the little kids here though wears different character costumes all the time. He has Spiderman and Darth Vader for sure and will go around "shooting" all the missionaries. It´s stinkin adorable. ANYWHO, green cards took twice as long becasue one of the elders didn´t get his passport and everyone thought they had forgotten it, but when we all got back in the car he found it in his bag, so he had to go back, haha.
    One of my absolute favorite things we do at the CCM is TRC! It´s training resource center and we just get to teach volunteers from the city. So far we´ve taught mostly members and it is seriously the best thing ever! Our practice lessons with our teachers as investigators can be hard sometimes because I know them, but these volunteers are the real deal and it is so powerful. 
    Um...Elder Pedro (district leader) taught us all how to do the Haka a few weeks ago. Sunday is movie night and we got to watch The Testaments, which I love!!! It´s just so entertaining! Oh and the other day we watched a talk by Douglas Callister called "Your Refined Heveanly Home", which was definitely inspiring. I´m so grateful that my parents taught me how to treasure good books and movies and music. Seriously, I´m glad my mother forced me to sit on the couch for a half hour during quite time and listen to Vivaldi or Mozart when I was little. Definitely a good idea. 
    I feel like I never have enough time to write everything! But most of it is just too wonderful to put in words. I love this place and though Spanish is constantly frustrating, I´m learning to be patient with myself and know that as long as I am doing my best, everything will work out in time. I LOVE ESPAÑOL! It is such a pretty language! I love listening to the people here. They are so expressive in everything they do! Goodness I love people. 
    I love this gospel with all my heart and completely believe in the Plan of Salvation. God is our Father in Heaven and he loves us all so much. I cannot wait to go be part of other people´s lives in Puebla! What a blessing and what an adventure! I am sure that when all is over and done with, I will be leaving part of my heart here in Mexico.

I love and miss you all! Never stop writing :)
Erin...Hermana Enright!

Two churches (Amik)

Alright, This week is going great.  One of the things that I have noticed on my mission is the importance of member referrals.  3 of the 4 baptism that I have been a part of have been member referrals. Another thing is how there is definitely the Holy Ghost helping us find people to receive the message.  It is like when we work with people that need a lot of work and then we get one that is ready, eager to learn and committed. Now we are really working on finding since we have a lot of people that seem to be going no where and might be being dropped soon. 

Anyway on Sunday we went to a different church.   One of our investigators asked if we could go with him since he was invited  by a friend.  We were fine going in because we assumed it was going to be a half hour.  At the most it was going to be an hour, or do we assumed.   It was 2 1/2 hours long in one long rectangle room in the same chairs.  The first hour was almost a mini Jesus centered rock concert.   We then got taught by two preachers.   From what it looked like one is soon going to replace the other as the head preacher. One of the things I thought was interesting was when the older preacher talked about how he had a lot of antique cars, but he can love them since the love of money was the sin.   It seemed to be exactly what our investigator was looking for to fix his itching ears. There was a lot of yelling for effect.  The younger preacher liked yelling "Hello!" too when he read something that he was expounding on.

Also, that day we had a lesson with Melissa.  She is currently our most progressing investigator, as well as the newest.  This Sunday she bought a notebook and had orange post it notes in her set of scriptures so that she knows how long it will take her to read and she has been doing cross referencing.  Also, when we asked about how much she knew about the first vision, we found out that she has read all of Joseph Smith History.    She is doing great!! 

 Also, we found out that a member that we were working with has met with the bishop and now is planning to serve a mission. So  Jacob shaved  his beard and is going to get his patriarchal blessing next week.  This is the guy that I was working with in my last area and then moved he to this area with his grandma. Since that move he has made a lot of improvement and now he is going on mission!!! Next year when he is ready and financial able.